Career Day

I pulled away from the campus, having worked a day talking and teaching, full of adrenaline, excitement and passion. "I LOVED it! It was so great, I'm totally meant to share and teach!" I called my mom to elaborate on sharing at Waianae Intermediate's career day several months ago. Yes, career day. When asked I jumped at the opportunity to indulge in my job as a wedding photographer to 4 groups of middle schoolers. I meticulously designed a slideshow, devised a makeshift instax photo booth and went all out creating a promo video in hopes it would peek their interest.

Glaring deep into the glow of my laptop late the night before Marshall admittedly became frustrated. "I think you're taking this too seriously" he declared, annoyed I was putting so much energy into a presentation. But to me, this was everything. A chance to share my photography story that brought me full circle from Makaha and back, how I taught myself the trade (twice!), how I learned a business in a new state that may as well be a foreign country and how I keep doing it. Because I love it. And, of course, my adoration for film. And more than anything it was a learning experience for me. A day to hone my speaking skills, engage a tough crowd and learn to work around technical difficulties (which were plentiful).

So I packed up early and headed against morning traffic, driving to the school alone, full of nerves, eagerness and wonder. I was assigned Angel, a real gem of a student as my assistant, and hit play on my slideshow. I was happily met with wonderment and questions, mainly about how to edit Instagram photos, and hopefully saw stars dazzle in the eyes of a few budding photographers. Mostly stylish girls. I wish I had photos and video of the day, it is currently one of my favorite moments as a photographer. Thank you, Waianae Intermediate for asking me to be apart of career day last spring, I didn't want it to end.

Ashley WoodsComment