West Coast Trip Pt. 3: Las Vegas

The last stop on our west coast tour got us back on an airplane and headed into the desert of Las Vegas and the crux of the journey: WPPI. Instead of buying tickets for educational courses my sister Sarah and I took advantage of the yearly photographer's mecca and used the opportunity to see one another, visit friends (Alyssa, Katie, Josh, Serena, Jen and Alan DANNNNNNGGG), tour the expo for a little market research and mostly introduce me to her FIANCEEEEEEEEEE! OMG Sarah is engaged! TO A MAN WITH A RED BEARD! We are living parallel lives. Being in Las Vegas during WPPI was fun, even if we did get dejected from standing in line at the opening night party and hanging out with close friends was of the utmost importance. 

I'm gonna keep it real, here. Walking around WPPI for the third time (it's been a few years since my last trip), I battled finding a balance between a business savvy mind; always making the most of every situation and conversation, planning ahead to maximize experience and exposure; with living in the moment for pleasure.

Sure, I got serious fomo when I saw someone at Red Rocks shooting a gorgeous "bride", wondering if I missed a good opportunity to organize a styled shoot, and at least over 100+ times considered "man, maybe I should have been more savvy about XY and Z while I was there". Instead I chose quality time laughing with friends and days with my sister, Jen, and our men. We teetered on the edge of a rocks I and got to use my craft to photograph newly engaged Sarah and Chris and happily in love Jen and Alan DANNNNNGGGG (ever since I found out that was his last name I simply can't say it any other way). Way better than any styled shoot.

There will always be missed moments, other business opportunities, hands you wish you'd walked across the room to shake and parties you regret not RSVPing to. But you know what? It's about choosing what feels right in that very second, making the most of the present and sometimes, mayyyyybe sometimes, sending your 24/7 thinking business brain on vacation while you wile out to trap music in da club.

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