West Coast Trip Pt. 2: Yosemite

We hopped in our rental car and jaunted from unsually warm Northern California (read Part 1 here) to our next adventure. What used to be hours of easy, relaxed road tripping turned out to now be a feat; traveling long distances in a car isn't something we are accustomed to after living on an island all these years. Bouts of motion sickens were met with rounds of extreme grumpiness; nothing a little In-n-Out couldn't fix. Hours crept by as we finally made it from Napa to our next stop: Yosemite. Marshall had been craving the cold (we even dug out snowboarding apparel out in anticipation of hitting the slopes!) and we checked in to our room at Tenaya Lodge -- dreaming of s'mores, fire pits and hot tubs, hoping for a glimmer of fresh snow. Marshall, typically one who recoils at a hectic vacation schedule, hustled me to pick an outfit already eager to hit the road to see the sites. I slipped on my oversized coat, nineties style shades and metallic loafers that had no business being on this trip whatsoever and declared "hey! Who do I look like?? (answer: Becky Goodwin circa 1994). Quick, let me send her a picture!". And we were off.

Winding through the narrow roads of the park, I noticed a side of my husband I hadn't seen in a while. It was as if being amongst these rocky cliffs and gargantuan trees brought new life into him. The rich, woodsy landscape was one he thoroughly enjoyed and found passion in trekking. In our two days at Yosemite National Park we circled the valley floor twice, rehashing old camping sagas, splitting road trip snacks and took turns watching for cover as we sent our drone up. He laughed at me as once again my inappropriate choice of footwear got me into a pickle and guided me over fallen tree trunks as we hunted for legendary sequoias. We acted like teenagers sneaking into the hot tub and vowed to one day come back and actually hike the park (this seemed like the most legit way to experience the majesty). And just as he said his trip would have been perfect if he saw some wildlife, we spotted a magnificent little deer family that practically turned Marshall into a 10 year old. It was like he wanted to catch and hug and squeeze them to death. But don't tell him I told you that. 

Riding through the contrasted, muted tones of a forest barely out of winter as it slowly warms up to spring, I looked out the window and to my husband declared "You know what I'm drawn to most? Color! Bold color!" Not giving him a moment to even consider responding. "Then light. Lastly, atmosphere. Yesterday when we were choosing were to sit for breakfast I gravitated toward the seat in the brightly lit window nook. And now, while driving, this is gorgeous, but doesn't make my heart JUMP. I need color. And light. Then comes the ambiance" He quietly nodded, confirming what I had just taken an hour to resolve but he's known about me all along.

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