Pearly Whites.

I love coffee. Pots and pots and pots worth of coffee. My naturopath says it's a problem, but the lure of it's rich, sweet aroma, cozy warmth and daily ritual is what gets me out of bed. So when I suggested to my sister that she, too, fast from something and she said coffee, I nearly fainted. B b b b b b b uutttttttt but, HOW! and WHY?!?!?! "You have fun with that" I texted back, followed by three tauntingly steaming coffee emojis.

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However, when Smile Brilliant got in touch with me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their product, I looked at my teeth in the mirror and cracked a slight smirk. These pearly whites weren't pearly anymore. Matter of fact, they were FAR from it. Worse than I thought. Years of two plus cups of coffee a day had done their damage, and I could use a good ole pageant girl teeth bleaching. So I said yes and ripped open that whitening kit. GIVE IT TO ME.

The entire process is super simple (well, for the most part. Not reading the directions thoroughly I ruined my first attempt at creating a tray mold, thankfully they prepare for eager teeth whiteners like me and send extra). I molded my chompers, wiped the drool from my face, and easily mailed them off for shaping.

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Once I received the clear tray (perfectly shaped to my teeth!) I was super pumped to start whitening. I will be honest: ever since I was a kid I have had these giant white calcium spots on my two front teeth (like, square in the middle) that I used to be self conscious about. When I first started whitening these spots were glaringly obvious, like they had been when I whitened in the past, and almost made me want to stop. However with a little googling I found out that if you keep going the blindingly white-ness of calcium deposits will disappear and, eventually the rest of your teeth will get so dang white that it will blend. Well, this was enough motivation for me so I kept going, eager to dissolve all these coffee traces.

Like they'd say in an infomercial, in as little as a few days my teeth were gleaming white. One time I did leave the trays in for a long time (you can keep them in from 15 minutes to 3 hours) and afterward felt like Ross Gellar with that freshly bleached glow, lol. They come with a desensitizing paste too, which I DEFINITELY needed, otherwise one swift breeze and I was on my knees writhing in pain! There are other teeth whitening things on the market, but I really like how this comes with a custom tray because, unlike the strips that just whiten the front portions of your teeth, the tray covers your entire mouth. Now, sure, you probably don't need your back molars all white and shiny, but if you're a semi weirdo like me you feel odd just whitening part of your teeth. DO THEM ALL I say! It's like an actual dentist whitening program at home, but way less costly.

I am real pumped Smile Brilliant hooked a sister up because, although they did send me the kit for my honest opinion + review I really love it and am happy to have it as a staple in my beauty cabinet. I will totally order more, especially since our Christmas gift to each other was a Ninja coffee maker...

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