Destination Wedding Daydreams with Basic Invite

With options and opinions, family and endless design options, wedding planning can get a little cray, often leading couples I photograph to strip events of the fuss and frill, hop on a plane with their closest friends and keep it effortless, eloping in the islands. In the spirit of beautiful simplicity, I'm excited to collaborate with Katie from Basic Invite. Beautiful customizable wedding invitations + paper goods, perfect for any chic soiree, hooray! 

Destination weddings are one of my favorite! Whether you come to me or I come to you there is nothing better than experiencing love and life under the backdrop of a beautiful destination and capturing all of it! Bringing destination wedding photos to life in all their colorful glory and extraordinary beauty always humbles me and makes me so thankful for this beautiful world, but what goes into a destination wedding? Well, lots of planning for starters.

basic invite

Destination weddings are usually one of two things: elopement or an extravagant wedding-vacation-honeymoon hybrid. And today we are here to discuss the details of the ladder and to make it easy on all of us we will refer to this hybrid simply as, a destination wedding.

Where do you start? Well, you pick your spot, you narrow down the guest list to a select few who you truly want by your side, and you create your wedding invitations. The perfect place to help you with this part… Basic Invite. Basic Invite has stationery for all of your major life moments and more importantly they have tons of destination wedding invitations.

basic invite 2

The cool thing about Basic Invite (well, one of them) is they have matching enclosure cards and other stationery products so that you are able to create a cohesive suite. They have a multitude of designs - over 200, that will match any destination wedding from the mountain tops, to the deep woods, and all the way down to the sea.

Wherever you are going, pick a design that matches the aesthetic and choose from over 180 colors to create the perfect piece of stationery for the perfect place and the perfect day! They even have save the date destination wedding cards that are also customizable and inexpensive bridal shower invitations to kick off your wedding day celebrations early!

basic invite 3

This planet is full of beautiful places and this is your special day after all. Grab a globe, spin that puppy around and pick! You’re sure to land on a destination of your dreams.

But truly -  if you aren’t sure where to have your wedding I can always pay homage to the beautiful O’ahu where destination wedding dreams come to life!

                                                                                                                       -Katie at Basic Invite