Inspo to Reality: Spring calligraphy shoot

Inspiration. Oh, how it can strike at the oddest of times, typically in the shower or while driving in traffic, and just as quickly as it came it can whip by without a trace. An endless creative at heart, my inspiration comes from all sources: everyday life, the way the sky lights up just after sunset, mixtures of colors and textiles in fashion, perfectly scripted moments in movies and of course travel to both new and nostalgic places. Whatever sparks my heart to race and my eyes to widen, devouring every detail causing my imagination to run wild is free game. There’s no one source and sadly no magic formula for seeking and finding inspiration, I simply keep my eyes and ears on alert for all things that excite my design sensibility. However, I must admit that when it came to this calligraphy shoot I found myself intrigued by a book I previously never considered for a place of design inspiration: the Holy Bible.

Yes, yes, I said it.

I had been digging into Song of Songs when the passionate and descriptive words began to paint themselves in colorful pictures. The love shared between a man and woman, the fierce passion it evoked in the biblical allegory depicting God’s intense desire for us. It was all beautiful, interesting and intriguing.

I was inspired.

Days later when Anna Claire of Anna Claire Calligraphy expressed she wanted to collaborate on her new ready made invitation suite collections, I knew just the starting point; the illustrations prompted by Solomon. While it certainly wasn’t necessary, it helped that Anna also has a love for God’s word and is on a personal mission to create designs with reverence for His Kingdom, so she was elated by the idea of using a mix of scripture to bring story to her stationary and breathe life into our flat lays. Not to mention the Song of Songs is all about love and, well, marriage. Helloooooo wedding industry!

Armed with 5 scriptures, I began pulling out key words and ideas that could be translated to design elements and started creating mood boards to pair with her calligraphy suites. Below is one of the five flatlays:

“See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.the blossoms appear in the countryside; the season of singing has come ,the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.”
— - song of songs 2:11-13
Spring inspiration board inspired by biblical scripture.jpg

I named this “RENEWED” as it references the freshness of the earth after a cold winter. The ground has thawed, birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Watered and fresh, like a light filled garden.

INSPIRATION: Spring/garden flowers, joy, dove white, figs, fruit, blossoming vines, spread out/wind scattered flowers, use different levels to represent “arise”, use acrylic to represent water/rain, fig fruits and vines.

Spring Inspired Wedding Calligraphy Stationary by Anna Claire Calligraphy.jpg

We used her powder blue invitation suite and garden inspired stamps to set the initial tone. This color felt like water and spring — new and fresh but just out of the winter chill — not quite into the warmth of summer yet. A mix of open flower blooms and scattered bits make it feel wispy and breezy, also eluded to the “come with me” line feel. The figs are literal and my personal favorite touch, along with the acrylic blocks to add depth and the clear element to represent rain. I had hoped to have splashed of water droplets on the acrylic, how bad a** would that have been? But it turned into more of a puddle than drops. Coconut oil may have worked better than using actual water. Still kicking myself for not testing more to make that little element come to life!

powder blue spring inspired calligraphy stationary suite by anna claire calligraphy.jpg
powder blue garden inspired calligraphy stationary suite by anna claire calligraphy.jpg
powder blue spring garden inspired calligraphy stationary suite by anna claire calligraphy.jpg
powder blue spring inspired calligraphy stationary suite by anna claire calligraphy.jpg

These scripture inspired calligraphy shoot images are some of my favorite styled photos to date, and I never miss an opportunity to include a Mrs. Box in the mix. Taking them from inspiration to reality was SO much fun and if I may say so myself, I was blown away at how perfectly from conception to completion it turned out. Straight out of my head, when does that EVER happen! Be on the lookout on the blog for the other four inspo to realities from this shoot.


Invitation suite: Anna Claire Calligraphy

Linen Board:

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box

Florals + Fruits: Wantanabe Floral, Passion Roots and Whole Foods

Gold bird scissors: Target

Rings: Local Eclectic

Stamps: Calligrapher’s own collection