More Than A Dream.

Mommalouz: Clothes, Gifts & Stuff. Situated on the corners of Route 15 and Route 60 in a teeny tiny building in Dillwyn Virginia was my gift shop, Mommalouz (Named after my grandma, Momma Lou).  Inspired by all the cute clothes and kitschy accessories sold in Delia's catalogues, I convinced my Mom the summer of my 12th birthday to let me open a gift shop.  With her help, we scoured wholesale vendors and local outlets to stock the shelves of my new venture.  Every day after school I would man the counter, doing Algebra homework and ordering chinese take-out for dinner.  Mommalouz lasted about 3 years (until I started playing volleyball and was able to drive, then there were more important issues at' the strip and boyz!) but, when I actually remember those young, hazy years, they are some of my proudest.  Did I make any money?  Eh, probably not.  But the sheer fact that I didn't take no for an answer and with the support of my parents literally set-up shop keeps me encouraged.  It was so long ago, it seems like a dream and often times I forget about that little store.  But it happened.  It was a dream...a dream I made a reality.  If I could tackle my dreams when I was thirteen, I can certainly conquer my photography ambition now.  NO BOYS SHALL STAND IN MY WAY!  Let's just hope to make a dollar this time.