Wahooooo, OAHU!

WE MADE IT! Finally!  After all the the prepping, the planning, the anticipation, we finally dipped our toes into the Pacific Ocean, calling Oahu home!  (Okay, well, different hotels home for now, but same same).  Wandering around the beaches and downtown Honolulu at 4:30 ever morning (ya heard me!  4:30!  The latest I have been up is 6:30, and I feel like I am missing the day!  I hope this time change/early wake-up sticks with me!) is like a breath of fresh air!  The sunrise is magnificent, the beaches are pearly and beautiful, and the city is quietly preparing for the start of a new day.  Marshall and I have been so enthralled with our surroundings, renting a Jeep to explore the island every day from sun up to sun down, we have had to stop to remember to save SOME sights for the rest of our three years here!  We've trekked all over the island, scoping out areas to live and gawking at the majesty of the isle.  It's amazing how each area is so different from another!  The West side (where I stayed when I first visited 10 years ago) is dry and Arizona like, while the East side has a wetter climate, and is lush and peaceful.  The North Shore, of course, is a laid-back surfer town with giant surf and shirtless locals (heyoooo) and the South East/Honolulu is filled with bustling commerce and tourism (but not in a bad way).  Getting around the island takes forever, as there aren't many roads and the interstate is crrrrazzzzyyyy, so finding somewhere to live between Honolulu (where I would like to live) and Marshall's base (closer to the North Shore) will be a challenge, but as long as I can get to Forever 21 and the Saks Outlet, it's all good in the hood.  Baby Babbbbyy.

There are so many places to visit and lessons to learn (starting with the Hawaiian vowels!) that I feel like a sponge and want to suck it all in!  The cool climate, slight breeze, and lush, vibrant colors are just the change I need and have already inspired my brand more than I could have imagined!  And, not to mention, I have already waltzed up to two strangers who were super pretty and looked like my perfect client (aka my perfect BFF) and holla'ed.  I tried to not be creepy about it, if that's possible.  Probably not.  I'm so gung-ho to get to work and start shooting that with my latest tattoo saying in mind, I have already signed up a super cute and spunky local girl and almost Army wifey to be models...and hopefully friends.  :)  Now, if I can just keep waking up at 6AM without crashing out at 8PM, I'll be golden.

"Run.  Fast.  Don't ever look back.  You got this."


Below are some of my favorite iphone shots from touring the island this past week.  You can see more in my facebook album here. I love my iphone, it's always so handy for quick shots!  And instant gratification, which I love love!