The Biltmore in Film.

A few weeks ago, not long before our apartment was packed up and our belongings was shipped out, I became overwhelmed with sense of urgency.  The knowledge that our time in North Carolina was now limited and I needed to make the very most of it.  Having woken up every morning for the past few weeks itching to visit the Biltmore Estate, I called up a very Best Friend Kathryn and we planned a date.  Set for the next morning.  That's how we roll.  No time to waste!   I'd better get to bed, then! The entire ride to Asheville through the Blue Ridge Mountains we caught up on each other's lives, never missing a beat.  We shared stories of our past, our faith and giggled over each other's entertaining ways (and me at Kathryn's conspiracy theories...which she doesn't appreciate. Sharks ARE going to walk on this Earth...SOON! YOU JUST WAIT!!) Each of us were stunned to learn (and admit) that she, too, have considered buying another drink with our drive-thru meals just so it doesn't look like all those cheese sticks are for us... all discussed between our manic search for an exit with Wendy's, of course.  DON'T JUDGE! Trips to the Biltmore, a friend who will not just look at your camera and smile, but smile with her eyes, being a girl who you can share, laugh until you cry, and knows you through and through.  That's who my dear friend Kathryn is.  Go on.  Ask her last name.  She'll tell you.  It's "KATHrynnnn GiiiooorrrroodDAAAAAANOOOooo", in her best Deep-South-Carolina-but-her-husband-is-part-Italian-accent, face and two fingers turned high to the sky!

Here's Kathryn, in film.  Underexposed film, but film nonetheless.  I made the mistake at rating the ISO of my camera HIGHER than the film I had in, rather than LOWER (to overexpose).  I'm still learning!