THAT girl.

  Recently Marshall recounted a conversation he had with a "Softball Wife" (the equivilant of an "Army Wife", but just one that attends Softball Tournaments.  Like, all of them).

SB Wife:  "So, does your wife play too?"

Marshall:  "Psssssh.  Does my wife play?  My wife's a girlie girl."

Your wife's a WHAT?!?!  Exxcccuuseeeee mmeeeeeeee? I love love love anything outdoors.  And who's the one who knows how to set up our tent? Sure, I may be oddly petrified of being far out in the ocean, I plan to learn to surf!   If there's a four wheeler around, I'll beg you to take me for a spin! Over the jumps and through the puddles.  Hell, I'll crank it myself! I can hike without complaining! (But maybe not dying).   If it's a movie, it needs to be "something funny", that way we can quote it together!  You can take me to dinner at a BAR for crying out loud, I practically live off of nachos! Duh.  FISHIN'?!?!  I've got some poles!  Let's go!  I like songs for their beats, in particular rap, and never listen to the words.  I get along great with the boys!!  But Oooo!  Is she wearing the new Brian Atwoods?  You know, the Maniacs?  OHMYGOSH I love gold and sequins and KIM KARDASHIAN and ahhhhhh there's a SEPHORA here! I know, right?

Okay fine.  I'm totally this girl. Sometimes:


(I just needed a good laugh this morning. House hunting has me spent. & I can admit that this video right here is DEAD ON.  I call my Mom and ask her to "look something up for me" allll the time.) Like, I'm not even joking right now.


But I'm also the girl who can laugh at herself for it. :)