the Hunt.

When someone tells me I can’t have something, the oddest thing happens:  I want it THAT MUCH MORE.  Like “my life’s sole purpose is to make this happen” kind of want.  It’s a trait I take pride in when it comes to life experiences, but I can’t lie, it usually happens with clothes.  Or shoes. Especially Essie nail polish.  Or in my most recent mission:  our new sectional.  I will go to the ends of the earth to find something, determined it’s not sold out and does, in fact, exist.  Before I know it it’s 4 A.M and I am still staring at my computer screen, 8 internet tabs open and nothing else accomplished that entire Thursday.  I become ruled by my determination, bound to find that one item come hell or high water!  Usually my efforts are worth it, but sometime’s I’ll admit that I wake up the next morning and will have forgotten that I spent the whole day before frantically searching for something (but don’t remind me, or else the treasure hunt will go on!), but all the while it is with great persistence.  Not to mention my obsessions bud right before a big event, like the Superbowl (because we had to have a new sofa so more people could sit!) and now, right before WPPI, the urge is stewing. You know what's even stranger  (as if I could be)?  When I see that same item and know that there’s plenty available, I become less interested.  Like a sale dress on the rack.  If my size is plentiful I'm more obliged to pass it up, but lord help the sales team if my size isn’t around, because I will Tasmanian Devil their store.  Then get in my car and drive to the next.  Surely spending an entire afternoon scavenger-ing.  I’ve even been known to venture 45 minutes outside of town just to see if they have it at another TJMAXX.

While I am certain it's a crazy impulse, my persistence pays off and this particular instance  my husband was oh-so-grateful of my annoying habits.  :)  We have a beautiful sofa I spent weeks hunting down (after being told that particular model advertised never arrived at the warehouse) and found out that, in fact, there were TWELVE of these babies in the showroom’s storage.  All you’ve got to do is just ask.  And ask. Then call another associate. And not give up.  Maybe peek your head in the stockroom and take a look for yourself.

If only I contained this characteristic to life and not expensive shoes I’d be go. to. go.  Yet I am afraid I will never get over the elusive Christian Louboutin wedding pump.

Ever had anything absurd YOU wouldn’t give up on?


I've also been known to iron this rug.  So, that could shed some light on my level of crazy.  What??  IT GETS WRINKLY!