30 Day Vlog Challenge...CHALLENGED!

Today, I'm feeling goofy...in a good way. But I don't know if I'm feeling frisky enough for this:Vlogging for 30 days.  Should I do it or should I not do it?  I don't want to bogg my blog down with me rambling for 30 straight days...not to MENTION chances of me looking like this every day are 100 to 100.  And I have things to do...like GET A JOB!!!!

But, if Marissa does it....then I'll do it.  ;)

Okay, maybe I'll do it anyway.  But with better equipment.  And mo' betta' hair.  I have a hard time saying no to these things.

What about you?  Are YOU in?  Here are the rules. I don't like rules.  I like to do my own thing.

Here's my video.  It was 7:30 AM.  Feel free to judge.