From one beach to another: Josh & Jill & Brooklynn.


When it comes to families, they don’t get much better than this!  Recently I’ve decided to specialize in weddings and engagements, but when I was going to be flying from Hawaii to North Carolina and in the area of one of my favoorrrriteeeee couples Jill & Josh Weaver, I jumped at the opportunity to spend the morning with them and meet their new addition, fancy Miss Brooklynn.  A woman after my own heart, Brooklynn’s closet already consists of all things glam...she even has a mini fur coat!  I DIE!  Jill has great taste and together with Josh they sure have made a cute little munchkin!  It’s so fun to have photographed their Wilmington wedding and now witness their family continuing to grow!  Congratulations on the cutiepatootie ya’ll, I am so happy we got to work together again!  Thank you for sharing some of the best parts of your lives with me.  Thank you for always being your smiling, fun, and charismatic selves in front of my camera.  You guys are freakin’ awesome.  Come visit any time!  

The way they both laugh and play with, especially Josh, makes me smile!

I love how Jill always looks at Josh like this.  I've seen her do it before so I know it's real, and THAT I love.


Big ups to Sarah for holding and entertaining the wee one while we snuck some Mommy/Daddy QT time into the sesh!  A must, and I loveee