Sarah & Kevin

A moment of seriousness quickly altered by a quirky remark.  A sly smile, impossible to hide.  A family guy reference.  He bends over to catch her after a playful fall.  Over ten years worth of clever inside jokes.  All apart of the connection that Kevin, a gentlemen I have practically grown up knowing has with my sister Sarah.  A spark that's evident and all these years later glowing brighter than ever.  She lights up when she is around him.  His smile beams when she catches his eye.  A genuine couple who enjoys each other's company, they're great friends.  I've never known the two apart, and it warms my heart to seem them both so happy together.  She's my sister, gorgeous, talented and generous with a caring soul and she deserves nothing more than the world! LOVE YOU! I'm honored I got to photograph them together while I was in town from Oahu!

Ps:  thank you for watching Leo for us for a while!  Don't fall too hard in love!


Are similarities are evident.  Hot pink and GIANT BLING.