Both sides of the lens.

Ashley Barnett, a.k.a. Ashtray.  Friend from way back when. We met in the midst of the Fast & the Furious days, Ashley drove a purple Prelude...then a Del Sol...then an S2000 (all in, like, a year) and I had my shiny Camaro.  We kept each other entertained during boy's late night engine swaps and bonded over blondie desserts from Applebees. We don't really know how she got the nickname Ashtray considering she has never smoked, but it stuck. Sarah Goodwin, a.k.a. a Goodwin Girl, and my fantastical older (yes, older!  Tricked you, right?!?!) sister and like minded photographer.  We are forever sharing brainwaves and are still coincidentally matching each other's wardrobe.  It's a struggle, but we're working on it.

Carly Arnwine, a.k.a. the prettiest little self proclaimed Hippie you have ever seen.  She may call herself a free spirit, but I am convinced she is an angel who fell out of heaven.  Just like in that movie "Date With an Angel".  Her wing broke and she landed in someones pool one night and has been roaming Virginia taking photos ever since.

These three fine young ladies all made the journey to Charlotte from different parts of Virginia to partake in a fun, "no-pressure" weekend of wandering around the city (and Greenway!), photographing each other, testing out lenses rented from Bigg's Camera and geeking out on camera talk.  Next time we will make sure Seth Snider and Alicia White can make it out, too!

Enter the past weekend.

"This is all happening so fast".  A speeding ticket on the drive that could have possibly been avoided by 'throwing him the face'. Getting pulled over is nothing new for Ashley.  Quiet chatter over dinner preparation evolved to incestuous banter accompanied by pinot grigo.  $2.49 Trader Joe's special, to be exact.  A broken grill meant making due.  "Where's my George Foreman?" It's okay, I don't know how to use a real grill anyway.  Up all night, not recollecting nostalgia, but discussing genius business strategies and gushing over blogs.  The next day on the Greenway meant hikes and hikes and sun and light!  Oh the light!  Beating down pathways and maneuvering through creeks, "Why did I wear my new favorite shoes?".  Rhinestone flats have no place in a forest.  Exhausted but determined, we later pulled out the heels and hair straighteners and pried ourselves from our laptops (and ongoing geek talk) to award ourselves with drinks.  And dancing.  And dancing while drinking.  Not just any kind of dancing but Serious face dancing.  In public. Someone may have found a cozy spot to sleep on the linoleum bathroom floor, but we won't go into detail.  Our last day was met with more beautiful southern weather, a quick walk Uptown, and a meet-up with fellow sweet, hilarious and way cool photographer Lila Purdy.  And Starbucks.  Gotta have Starbucks to fuel the way.

It was a whirlwind of a trip ladies, but I am so thankful everyone could make it down!  Ashtray, it was amazing to see you again after all of these years!  We are, in fact, still just like the twin babies jabbering over the missing sock. We always just *click*.  Carly, it was so fun to meet you!  With our eye for interior design and favoritism of my puppy Leo, I am convinced we are kindred spirits.  And Sarah!  Nothing is better than getting to spend time together without working!  I always love when you come to visit, this time was no different!  We have come a long way since our years as kids spent sneaking into each other's rooms.  Okay okay, my days spent sneaking into your room. I still want that tiara you used to tuck away on your closet shelf.  I just don't understand why you won't give it to me.  Why won't you give it to me?!?!?

Man the 35mm 1.4 lens killssss me!

Carly is too pretty for real life.

Learning to be in front of the camera is a great lesson for us this case, three!  Now that's just scary!

All up in the bushes, trying to get a better angle.  :)  That's how we roll.

I don't mind getting mistaken for Sarah's twin because she sureeeee is pretty!

Really Ashley, really?!?!

I've got jokes.

Ashley, branding that Jarnett Photography! Work it girl!

There is a new giant mosaic skull Uptown!  We were enthralled.

These guys just wanted to be in a photo with a pretty girl, then bounce.  (After they asked us to tag them on Facebook, of course...)

Lila Purdy...she sure lives up to her name and is PURRRTYYYYYYY :)

Carly should just live in the Urban Outfitters catalogue.  

Much needed 'bucks break!

"Oh yeahhhh, takin' pictures on the stairs OH YEAHHH" (Ashley's Pauly D still has me dying).