Lauren + Ian in Pacific Weddings

It was 9:45pm, well passed my scheduled photography end time and the celebration raged on below, guests merrily scattered across the cafe speckled lawn of La Pietra. I had been in the parking lot conversing with Leilani, my assistant for the day but moreso friend, as we took time to catch up on each other's lives post work. It was a warm summer evening and we were both exhausted, ready to call it a night. I made my way down the series of stairs back into the depths of the reception for one last bottle of water before groggily heading home. High atop the stairs we gazed across the cafe lit lawn nestled against the Honolulu skyline. "Wow, that's pretty, huh?" we observed in wonder. "Dang, that would make a great photo..." I muttered. Without missing a beat, Lan volunteered and happily made her way back up the series of steep stairs to bring my camera for one last photo. As I waited, I slipped onto the railing's edge in hopes of reliving me aching feet when it happened. Guests roared in joy as spontaneous fireworks brightly rang in the distance. I couldn't believe it. Against such a gorgeous, shimmery backdrop this well deserving couple was getting a complimentary firework show! Without a second though I kicked off my shoes, tied my hair into a bun and ran as fast as I could up the stairs to the parking lot, yelling out "Lan!  LANNNNNNNNN!!!", scrambling for my gear. Barefoot toes skipping every other stair, Mark3 in hand, bun loose and sideways atop my head, I internally paused and smiled at the sheer merriment in it all. Here I was, flippin' exhausted and hours past our end time, lit with excitement and passion as I booked it to get a few photos of this wedding day treat. 

It's those little sparks that fuel my creativity and build into an arrangement of twinkly, fizzly patterns, making my heart go boom and my soul ring out a chorus of "ooh"s and "ahhhhh"s, reminding me I really really love photographing weddings.

Hawaii Wedding Photographer Pacific Weddings

Bonus points if they get featured in print. Beyond happy to relieve Lauren + Ian's own gorgeous (and wayyyy fun filled) La Pietra wedding in the Summer/Fall 2015 issue of Pacific Weddings. 

Networking, Social Media + Hustle: Photo Field Notes Podcast.

Maybe it was the early wake up call, accidentally putting espresso roast in my coffee pot instead of decaf or the added SPARK energy drink I totally got sold from my Advocare dishing friend, but I'm a little ball of oddness today. A tightly wound, somewhat frayed collection of energy and excitement mixed with endless wild ambition for the dreams that are to come set to Beyonce's 7/11...resisting every and all temptation to Periscope myself while singing. Work! New ideas! Sunshine! Spinning while my hands up, GIMME ALL THE GOOD STUFF, I'm ready to conquer the world, smack it. inna. air.  A tremendous turn around from where I was when starting my photography business in Hawai'i back in 2011 (even further from my first wedding, a friend's, in 2008!) If you too are feeling gungho today, or even need a little boost, check out my interview with the way smart Allie Sarto on Photo Field Notes. From secretly interviewing wedding vendors as potential new B.F.F.s to my one favorite instragram tip to the recent time I freaking butchered photos from a once in a life time trip, I keeps it real.

Photo Field Notes Podcast

Cocktails in Hawaii_0001

Back in the day when I was a kid I used to hook a microphone up to my double-sided tape recorder and talk and talk, creating radio DJ inspired mixed tapes that I would play back. I could literally lay on my carpeted bedroom floor and listen to myself talk. Times have changed, so while I will be tuning out, lemme know how it is. I leave you with an image of 3 cocktails. If you listen to the interview you'll know what's up. ;)



Featured: The Knot Fall 2015

I may have screamed when I got word that Brian + David's perfectly 'Old Hawai'i' celebration would grace the pages of The Knot, but I about peed my pants when the glossy magazine showed up on my doorstep. Their event was a grand success, sophisticated, full of details that were totally them (right down to their matching rings!), Ted's bakery pies and giant light-up letters. Avery of Green Honolulu creatively mixed ferns, pineapples, raw coconuts and orchids, local staples that set the stage for an elegant affair. Guys, the night spend dancing under the banyan tree lanterns truly was Island Chic! With the bonzai toasts, chocolate macnut pie and your custom tuxes, your day was essentially Hawai'i done with Manhattan style. Your warmth, playfulness and love completely transcended the lush details of your timeless summer wedding. For Brian Kailua may have once been home, but now it's forever with David.  And your FRIENDS? Da bomb. Wishing you 10,000 MORE years of happiness, laughter + travel together. Ps: David, your Bowtie was perfect all. day. long.

Check out their Dillingham Ranch, O'ahu wedding in the Real Weddings section of the Knot Fall 2015. My first time having my work printed in a national publication, too.  Did someone hear a cork pop? I think this calls for a party! I may or may not be still searching Target to buy up every dang issue.

See more details on + or browse the couple's full gallery here

Coordination: Nichole Weddings + Events | Venue: Dillingham Ranch  | Event Rentals: Les Saisons | Event Rentals: Pacific Party Rentals |Staffing: Gourmet Events Hawai'i | Catering: Island Fusion Catering| Make-up: Maleana | Pies: Ted's Bakery | Florals: Green Honolulu | Stationary: Bradley + Lily | Suits: Tom James Custom Suits | Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo | Lighting: Mood Event | DJ: Music Mix Productions | Transportation: Royal Star Motorcoach | Music + Entertainment: Manoa DNA | Photo Booth: the Flash Lab | Cake: We Heart Cake Company | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew | Rentals: Event Essentials Hawai'i



A little bit of Wanderlust


It's ya girl here. A few weeks ago Elisaveta from Fernwehosophy  got in touch regarding Hawai'i images for their magazine. You KNOW I've got serious love for where we live so I was more than thrilled to give the islands an opportunity to show off a little. Fine. Me too. Their online magazine FernwehO  is stacked with pages and pages of beautiful images and, if you can read German, fun interviews from photographers and travelers describing featured destinations. Can I read German, you ask? Nein. So how do you know if they're fun you ask? Because I know mine was fabbbbuulloussss. ;) Did I have to google anything in this post? Don't worry about it!

If you're on the east coast and winter weather's got ya down, just flip the pages of this gorgeous online mag and be completely transported to the warm and sunny destination of your choice. Thank you, Elisaveta for generously asking me to be apart! An HONOR, and to be in such great company! Now you've got ME daydreaming... xo


[Styled Shoot] Vintage Hawai'ian Glam

  Downtown Abbey glam meets lush vintage tropics, a stunning alternative to traditional beach weddings and Hawai'ian orchids. Soft palettes of warm whites, creamy yellows, emerald green and dusty pink with touches of glamour and lace and pineapple motifs bring Old World Hawai'i alive at the ethereal Hawai'i State Art Museum.

Featured on Style Me Pretty today, here!

Film:  Fuji 400H  |  Concept Design: Chelsea LaVere   |  Local & Publication Partner: Burnett’s Boards   |  Event Coordination: Moana Events   |  Venue:  Hawai’i State Art Museum  |  Florals:  Passion Roots   |  Stationery: Peter Loves Jane   |  Cake:  A Cake Life   |  Bridal Gown: Chaviano Couture   |  Lace Boleros: Pure English Couture Bridal  |  Rentals: Accel Party Rentals   |  Makeup: Heather Bell Makeup Artistry  |  Hair:  Star Allison  |  Bridal Veil & Accessories: Danani Handmade   |  Groomswear:  Celebrity Tuxedos   |  Topiaries: Curate   |  Models:  Sara and Burke, Melanie

Eye Candy

"Yep, just like that!  A little closer, okay, a little closer..."-- I suggested, taking a step back-camera to face- with each direction I gave.  With my last backward motin I dropped my Canon to peer over my right shoulder, wondering what was behind me when suddenly I went from seeing groomsmen to a everything blur.  It was 2:30 PM and a plant as tall as me had caught me smack dab in the right eye.  For the rest of the wedding I continued to shoot until 10:30 PM (soon to find my fatal mistake), rubbing my eye and patting it with a tissue throughout the evening  From the moment I looked in the mirror and saw my swollen eye I knew it wasn't good, but the last thing I was going to do was my Leah's + Lane's wedding day about my eyeball, so I avoided talk about it and assured anyone who asked that it was "fine, fine, really, it's fine!  I am sure when I go to sleep whatever is in it will find it's way out!".  4 A.M the next morning and tearfully unable to sleep, I knew something wasn't IN my eye but had injured it.  Four days later, 2 E.R. visits and one Doctor's visit, my right eye socket is red and painfully teary, sensitive to light and what was a corneal abrasion turned into a corneal ulcer--i.e., an open sore on the cornea of my eye is now infected because I didn't get it taken care of.  As I hope the pain meds will finally kick in and I beat myself up for not taking more control over my own health, I find many life and business lessons in this (because really, when all you can do is lay there with your eyes closed all day, you think about a lot of stuff).  So take it from me--take care of yourself when shooting.  And MOST IMPORTANTLY, slow down and watch where you are going!  Shesh! But wait--I said I had my eyes closed, right?  So how I am typing this?  No, I didn't finally convince Marshall to be the assistant I've always wanted, but with just enough pain meds and my glasses I can see enough out of my left eye to get this typed.  But not for long...I feel myself slipping off the side of my desk chair...into a med...induced...coma....ha!  And please excuse any typos...I'm practically bling I told ya!  All jokes aside, it is THE most painful (and scary!) injury I've ever had and I encourage you to be CAREFUL WITH YOUR PRECIOUS EYEBALLS!  Worst part is I can't even watch quality reality TV programming while recooping.  CAN'T SEE THE DERN THING!  I'll have to just hear Teresa Guidice nagging and picture the scene for myself.

My eye is slowly healing, and thankfully I don't have any shoots until next week (shew!) so I can focus on recovering.  And until then, I will enjoy this bit of eye candy that came in--Demin + Grace's new July issue featuring....wait for it...your's truly!  Invalid milky eyed Ashley Goodwin!  HOORAY!  A bit of delectable iPad candy was just what the eye doctor ordered!  ;)

Check it out here, along with some incredible Photographer's featured--jam packed full of all sorts of pretty images from talents across the U.S., great ideas from professionals, and pretty, pretty layouts + spreads.  What else could you ask for?



the Bigger Picture: 2013

I've brought my notebooks everywhere, the blue and green triangle print one for our Marshall and I, and the 6th of my own personal black moleskin collection, in hopes I will find the perfect moment in time to transcribe our specific yearly goals. Each traveled to Kaua'i, out to a sunset, and are currently nestled on the coffee table below the ipad, 2013 noteless. And just when I thought I hadn't taken the time to do something important to help me reach my goals, I realized I had. I have actually been in the present. Feeling the rain against my skin in a jeep ride to Priceville. Chasing Kaua'i chickens across the road. Talkin' story around a fire. Opening my ears and hearing God (although I maybe don't always listen as I should...that's going in the notebook!) And taking in a remarkable westside sunset with Marshall.  I may not have found my true "purpose"  just yet, but I am committed to living in the present and enjoying every moment of life. So until I scribble my specific notes into forever for 2013--


big ups to the Photo Life for making me think real real hard and including me on this resolutions post!



The warm and fuzzies.

I sat in the passenger seat, cruising our way to the North Shore.  Pen in hand, I read aloud the series of questions as if it were a Cosmo quiz.  Marshall and I bantered and poked, guessing each other's answers before we could respond ourselves, disagreeing with each other's personal picks.  We were taking the "Five Love Languages" quiz and uncovering a depth of knowledge about one another along the pavement and rolling mountains of the H-3. As I tallied the scores, I proclaimed "you scored highest on Acts of Service, and lowest on Positive Affirmation.  I scored a NINE on positive affirmation, that's like, the highest you can score on ANY of these..."  I was intrigued by this new nugget of info about myself  and as a movie montage of past experiences leading up to this moment dramatically reeled through my brain, my screenplay in action where I was played by Rachel Bilson and I had just figured out my entire childhood and was now ready to conquer the world came to a screeching halt with

"Well I could'a told you that."

Later we fell into fits of laughter when we pointed out that we were a textbook marriage, two opposites attracted.  Me, needing positive reinforcement through acknowledgement and loads of "good job, boo"s and Marshall, well, he simply doesn't need anyone to tell him he's good, he already knows that.  He just needs me to take the trash out every once in a while.  To him, that's love.

Just as my husband congratulating me that I finally remembered to change the load of laundry, having "internet high-fives" across the web makes me feel warm and furry inside.  Wait, no, fuzzy.  Furry would be odd.  So thank you, Le Magnifique, for the shout out on your blog of the Top 15 Wedding Photographers to watch for in 2013.  I'm humbled to be in such amazing freaking company (I mean, for real!  I NEED TO STEP MY GAME UP!) and for a girl who needs a solid pat on the back every hour on the hour, that's enough to make me feel confident and proud for like, a whole month!  ;)  I've always wanted to be top something.  Top of my class, Top Designer, Top Chef, Top Hat, Top of the World.  THANK YOU for making it happen!

Happy to be reppin' O'ahu!  Go check out the other photographers in your area and give them some love.


From Hawai'i to North Carolina: Featured!

I'm so happy and honored to shared Emilee & Rich's wedding featured yesterday on Le Magnifique!  They both worked diligently planning their wedding and all their hard work paid off--it was an extraordinary affair!  With Emilee's impeccable taste and The Three Divas' skill, they brought Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay's visions to glorious life, which are totally blog worthy.  I am so happy for Emilee, her family & wedding are beyond (yeah, I just got 70's with it) and deserve to be showcased on the bright pages of this stylish blog!