Grateful for Hawai'i

I'm rather embarrassed to say that when the opportunity to be stationed in Hawai'i arose, I was upset. Not just upset, but kinda sorta threw a mini tantrum. I know, right? I was a complete brat who, at the time, wanted nothing more to head to back to Europe and the military was sending those dreams a crashing down. Three months studying abroad was simply not enough of croissants and Kronenburg 1664 and I needed to be back galavanting through Germany. Or England. Or SWITZERLAND, DAMMIT! Naively I had also spent time in Hawai'i as a teenager (when, let me remind you I swore to myself I would be back, I even considered going to UH I loved it so) but in reverse like an old lover remembered the bad parts of O'ahu instead of the good and chimed on and on annoyingly about how "Hawai'i isn't the paradise people think it is" (granted I had stayed in hot + dry Makaha and never saw much further than that) and sulked in my white girl tears. I just wanted to pretend to be french, uh uhh oui oui. Feel free to SMACK ME NOW. My husband certainly doesn't but he will, on occasion, remind me of how much I didn't want to come to Hawai'i and how fabulous it has turned out to be. Usually he brings this up when the opportunity for change is around the corner and I am busting out my cement, ready to pour myself into it and not budge, which brings me to my love note to the islands...

I'm Grateful to Hawai'i For:

1. Showing me what may feel like the worst thing in the world often winds up being the best thing that could have happened. Great things can sometimes be veiled as devastating and it's not until we pull back and see the bigger picture that time shows us just how much of a blessing that speed bump was. I can't even tell you how many huge disagreements, missed opportunities or simply tough work days have turned into incredible rather pivotal moments in my life and faith. I have learned this time and time again and, just like ending up in Hawai'i instead of southern France, I find growth and great purpose in the challenge and change.

2. Taking the girl out of the city. I adore Charlotte, but years of living in the young and bustling city surrounded by southern belles and shiny new things hardened my heart and left me slightly superficial. Don't get me wrong, a girl still loves her nice things! Maybe it's the make-up free atmosphere or the fact that people wear aloha shirts and slippahs when they are dressing up but I've become a lot more laid-back and carefree in my style, owning cut-offs and a t-shirt and totally legit shooting attire, and ultimately relaxed my heart. I certainly still keep myself presentable, trust me, I can only schlep it for so many days, but there's something about beach showers and going barefoot that have increased my confidence and acceptance. You didn't wash your hair? No judgement here! It's hard to explain, but there's been a shift.

3. Surrounding me in nature. I don't know what I am going to do when kayaking, snorkeling, boating, or hitting up a morning hike AREN'T daily options. Not only the mix of activities, but having interesting and fresh local produce and single fern leaves the size of your head has inspired me to venture outside more, eat healthier, and encouraged ideas throughout my brand.

4. Reintroducing me to Jesus. This one. THIS is the one that matters the most, and as ridiculous as it sounds makes me want to burst from the inside out whenever I think about it. When we moved here I was in an odd in-between stage; I had quit my job, our long awaited wedding had gone off with many speed bumps, and as excited I was for an adventure I was leaving friends and heading into the unknown. Completely depressed, I packed on a ton of extra pounds in a matter of months and was starting all over again. It was a year of drastic change and I was vulnerable and (now I can thankfully see it for what it was worth) the devil was trying to pull me down, down, down. THANKFULLY I found courage to consult in a new friend (Alyssa!) and she got me going to church with her. Lots has happened between those days crying on the floor, unable to sleep because of crazy visions flashing before me to NOW, dancing around my living room in the joy of the Lord, planning my next mission trip with Inspire Church and feeling God LITERALLY peel back layer upon layer on my life for something much bigger I NEVER would have fathomed myself, and I owe it to Hawai'i. To the friends, the church, the warm beach and the quiet times.

I don't know where we are meant to be next (hopefully it's still here for several more years...but I can always still bank of Europe, right?) but I know beyond a doubt, that Hawai'i was and is exactly where we are supposed to be right here, right now. And dang am I thankful for it.

Photos taken from a Na Pali Coast Helicopter Tour on Kaua'i. Contax 645 + Fuji 400h

Sleepin' on the job

Wandering the streets of Chiang Mai this past September (+ the year before that) I noticed a consistency within shop owners. One that was proud and disciplined in their business, setting up elaborate makeshift storefronts every day, and even more entertaining was their fearlessness to straight up nap. Guess it's the Thai version of a siesta and one I fully intend to put into play at Ashley Goodwin Photography - just not in dimly lit corner of a reception or anything... I hereby present to you one of my most favorite series to date: Sleeping on the Job.

Yes, he is a temple dog, stray pups they keep around that they believe ward off bad spirits from the temples. And yes, he is sleeping during duty.

Yep. That's a baby. Chillen.

By the looks of the workers I found snoozing around corners, looks like this temple ain't getting' revamped anytime soon.

Hmmm. I hope he's just cozy in front of the fan and not, well, dead.


Back to life

"...back to reaaallittyyyy." (you know you just sang it, too). It's Monday and as I sit at my computer and stare nearly through my screen fueled by loads of espresso, I know I should be thankful for clear blue skies and the warm weather that is our home in Hawai'i, an "upgrade" Marshall tries to cheer me with, but truth be told I'm fighting off a slight twinge of post-vacation depression. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I haven't been on a straight-up for fun vacation like that in a while, or ever on an international adventure with my husband until now but in this moment I miss Thailand! The whole time we were there together it felt like a dream, as if the beauty and enjoyment of it all hadn't settled on me yet, and now naturally the memories begin their decent deep into my heart while we are back home. It's no surprise how much I love that part of southeast Asia, something about it always calls me back to it's warm smiles and bustling streets, but this time was truly sheer bliss even during the 8 hour layover in the desolate Pudong airport in China. This afternoon it's back to business, happy to cuddle our fluffy babies, but not unlike "the beach", laughing and reminiscing over photos shot alongside the ocean. Dressed in cotton elephant printed pants (I bought 7 pair!) I'll try to get on a regular sleep schedule, pray my film turns out ok (I packed it in my checked luggage on the way home! A tired ROOKIE MOVE!) ingest loads more coffee and mentally plan our return back to the gorgeous islands scattered across the Gulf of Thailand (and of course, work on a blog post).

Adventure photos from my iPhone. Check them out + their details via instagram.


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Stop Should-ing Yourself.

Often times I find myself "should-ing" all over the place. heard right. "I should be blogging" or "I should really give Napoleon a bath". It's all of these obligations we give ourselves that take up space in our mind, keep us occupied in the past or present, never in the actual moment, and often times take all our hard earned money. "I really SHOULD buy this new bag...". No Ashley you should GET OFF AMAZON! Driving from a hot and sweaty yoga session this morning I passed through the mountainous range that divides part of O'ahu and through the heavy hanging rain clouds got a view of the waterfalls that sometimes make their way into the crevices between the peaks. I let all of the self devised obligations fall to the wayside as I took in the awe of this island and the beauty that surrounds me. No matter where I am I really should stop sometimes to enjoy it., shouldn't I? ;) A few snippets of Hawaii (Kaua'i + Oahu), that make me realize we really ARE #luckytolivehawaii. And that GECKO! He posed for me. ;)

My 50 Fav O'ahu Go-Tos

It's no surprise, from the cool ocean breezes to rice with every meal, living on O'ahu has truly grown to become our home. I get excited to introduce visitors to the place we love, and am thrilled myself to always explore, try out and wander new places. There's lots to do while visiting--and here are my favorite "off the beaten path" recommendations for people headed to the islands:


because that's what you came here for, right?

Lanikai + Kailua Beach Park: by far one of the prettiest coasts on island. White sand, calm, turquoise waters. It's picture perfect Hawai'i in the middle of a quaint residential neighborhood. A "must see", especially for a stunning sunrise.

Bellows Beach Park: A long, gorgeous strand of open and calm beach (sometimes with miniature waves, fun for body boarding). Military personnel have access all week, the public beach is open on the weekends. Beware of Man of War jellyfish!

Shark's Cove: Don't worry, there aren't sharks...well, in the COVE! ;) Shallow, rocky waters (bring water shoes!) perfect for relaxed snorkeling. Head to the right  just outside of the cove for deeper waters and even bigger fish! A fav snorkel spot on the North Shore.

Ko'Olina Lagoons: Want to feel the resort vibe without staying in a fancy hotel? Head out to the west side of the island and park it at one of Ko'Olina's man-made lagoons. Stay for some of the best sunset views and get THE best (and deadliest) mai-tais on island at Longboard's.

Yokohama Bay: While you're out on the west side, keep going until you can't go any further. Yokohama Bay is beautiful, with incredible views of layered mountain ranges + sometimes dolphin spotting (especially in the early morning!). Stay late into the night and get THE clearest views of the stars, sometimes even the milky way, bright as day!

Kaimana Beach: Okay, so you MUST stay in Waikiki, but hate the crowds? Head down to Kaimana beach, close to the end of Kapiolani beach park (and in front of the oceanside condos). It's less crowded, plus there are a few shops within walking distance which makes grabbing snacks and booze a breeze. Sometimes you can catch bands jamming out at Kapiolani park, too, which is a plus. Sunset out there is pretty gorgeous as well.


My favorite part of O'ahu. Please remember to be kind and pack out what you took in and be thoughtful in where you park to get to these hikes!

Lanikai Pillboxes: Awesome for sunrise and views of Kailua--during the winter you can see whales breaching, too! A relatively short and easy hike with killer views, absolutely worth the effort. Just pleaseeeee be considerate of where you park within the neighborhood, and be quiet and respectful especially in the morning time.

Maunawili Falls: A fun, adventurous and downright muddy hike through the thick jungle to a waterfall + freezing cold swimming hole. Bring your bug spray and go-pro, you're gonna need it, and a swim suit, because you're definitely going to want to get in after the trek!

Diamond Head: This is definitely a 'touristy' thing to do, however heading up the mountain in a line of people is totally worth it for the gorgeous views of Waikiki!

Makapu'u Lighthouse (+/or tide pools): The trail up to the Makapu'u lighthouse is a steep one, but paved with rewarding ocean vistas. If you're looking for more, brought solid shoes and are brave enough, you can hit up the tide pools on your way down (or skip the lighthouse all together). I'm not the best with directions, but you take a right at the first whale watching sign on the lighthouse trail, then follow the white arrows spray painted on the rocks all the way down the mountain to the ocean. Yes, ALL THE WAY DOWN THAT STEEP CLIFF. It's slippery, and you don't want to die, so beware, but with tide pools (that are strong currents, watch out!) and blow holes called "dragon nostrils", it's super cool down there. Not for the novice, so do your research and please, for crying out loud, don't get swept out to sea.

Pele's chair (a.k.a. Allen Davis): people who live here are gonna kill me for this, but I don't care. Nothing is a secret, folks! If you don't feel like much of a hike and would prefer a walk, park at the Makapu'u lighthouse trail and instead of taking the paved route head through the valley (staying on the trail), toward the ocean. Sticking to the left of the little cove you will find yourself up on a mini-ocean cliff where someone repurposed an old 2x4 into a shiesty diving board. The cove is somewhat protected from strong waves via the reef, so it seems safe (enough) for jumping. Just beware, you gotta climb back up! Fun to take inter tubes to float around after you take the leap. But again...please don't get swept out to sea...

Manoa Falls: A stop on tourist trips, this is actually a beautiful waterfall that is worth the walk! A hike (that can get muddy) ends you at a gorgeous + rather tall waterfall worth getting stuck behind slow-pokes for.


the best part of the island! Okay fine, just my personal favorite

Uncle Bo's: hands down DA BOMB. Everything is incredible, truly.

Real a Gastropub: get the chicken + waffles, deep fried deviled egg + cover your french fries in their homemade ketchup OMG.

Duke's Waikiki: sit outside (not inside) for a delicious bar menu, descent drinks, a "hawaii beachside" atmosphere + sunset. The hula pie is pretty incredible, too.

Doraku Sushi: interesting + fancy sushi in Waikiki. They have a surf + turf roll that is steak + fish that's delish!

Shokudo : in an odd part of town if you're staying in Waikiki, but their sushi is FABULOUS. The honey toast can't be missed, either. Nom nom nom.

Leonard's bakery: just go there + get a box of malasadas. Haupia is my favorite. Don't even mess with the ones without filling.  Trust me.

Yogur Story: yummy breakfast close to Waikiki! They have these waffles that are KILLER!

Dat Cajun Guy: food truck in Haleiwa on the North Shore. His New Orleans style meals are phenomenal. Seriously. I actually want some now.

Opal Thai: Thai food in Haleiwa, this place is ALWAYS poppin'.

Monkeypod Kitchen: Kinda 'fancy' but delicious food on the west side out by Ko'Olina. Good, interesting drinks and incredible live music.

Ted's Bakery: Close to sunset beach on the North Shore, this place has it ALL! AMAZING local food (chicken katsu with mac salad OMG I'm drooling) and, of course, the famous Ted's pie selection! Everyone goes crazy over the chocolate haupia but I absolutely say pick lilikoi cheesecake.

Coffee Gallery: Well, duh. ;) Coffee + baked goods on the North Shore in Haleiwa town.

Lucky Belly: Swanky asian fusion in chinatown. MAN OH MAN is their ramen soooo good.

Royal Hawaiian Sunday Brunch: All you can eat buffet. Everything you can imagine and more, all by the ocean. Just don't hope to get into a swimsuit after all that.

Crepes No Ka 'Oi: Crepes in Kailua that will have you ordering everything on the menu. Need I say more?

Cinnamon's restaurant: the wait is killer in Kailua, but it's worth it for the guava pancakes (or the island staple, loco moco!)


Tuesday +/or Friday night: get drinks by the pool at the Modern Hotel in Waikiki + watch the Hilton's firework show (it starts around 7:45pm)

Rent kayaks and paddle out to the mokes (the two islands across from Lanikai beach)

Hit up Eat the Street on a Friday night

Wander the fashionable Honolulu Night Market

Go to the Kailua Farmer's Market, or my personal favorite, the KCC by Kapiolani Community College on Sunday Mornings

Shop for souvenirs at the Aloha Stadium swap meet

Bring a blanket + a bottle of wine and watch sunset from the rocks at the Ko'Olina lagoon

See the show at the Polynesian Cultural Center (really really fun!)

Walk around downtown Honolulu, maybe even stop by Iolani Palace!

Rent beach chairs and am umbrella and park it on a beach in Waikiki

Spend a Saturday at the Hale Koa pool (military only)

Sneak into a hotel hot tub (but play it cool, duh)

Watch sunset from the top of Kailua Pillbox Hike (gotta start early, though!)

Ride all around the island on your first day! It's a must!

Rent stand-up paddle boards and try not to fall off

Jam out to local live music at Mai Tai's bar at Ala Moana shopping center

Weave through the industrial streets of Kakaako + take photos in front of the insane graffiti

Hit up a luau (of course!). Paradise Cove is my favorite.

Catch a poolside movie at the Modern Hotel (select nights)

Enjoy cocktails and sunset at Rumfire

Watch sunset + take scenic photos from atop Mount Tantalus

Catch a sunset and waikiki views on a catamaran booze cruise

Visit Doris Duke's estate Shangri La. I  haven't yet but am simply DYING to. DYING.

Here during rainy season? Learn the history of Hawai'i at the Bishop Museum.


What's In My Bag: Hawai'ian Islands Day Trip Essentials

This morning as I stand in line before the gates event open up and take the first flight out to the Big Island for a sunrise engagement session I know I've got everything I need for the perfect mix of work and play away while away from home. Why? Because I am a crazy packer. A little bit obsessed with just the right bag (okay, a whole lot obsessed) and functionality of things, call me a gypsy but I am always striving for the most perfect essentials that make travel a breeze. And with quick flights to other islands being Hawaii's version of a road trip, you've got to come prepared. And I, ahem, have mastered the techniques. In addition to my strategically packed camera bag loaded to the brim with batteries and film, here's what I bring for a casual day trip to another island (camera bag excluded--that's for another day).


Bikini: You never know when or where, but you'll totally need it. Bring it in a ziplock bag so when it's wet it doesn't get everything else soggy.

Mesh bag: I got this freebie bag from Benefit cosmetics and LOVE it. It's lightweight, easy to find things, and fits in almost every bag's pocket. I use it as my wallet/carryall.

Touch-ups: Look. I'm not worried too much about how I look, I woke up when it was still dark so cut me some slack. I do, however, peek at myself around 4 pm after wandering different beaches and gasp--you do have to get back on a plane later, and other people have to look at you. I bring a few travel size make-up goodies, as well as solid perfume (you will indefinitely smell after a full day roaming. YOU WILL. Here's my best effort at trying to cover it up). Hair-ties and bobbie pins are totally necessary. Totally.

Tiger Balm: I always carry this with me. Soothes aching feet after a wedding or shoot. The scent however is super strong, don't use in close quarters.

Charger + do-dads: A cheapo car charger (because you'll be using that iPhone camera all day), an auxiliary cord (to hook your Spotify up to the rental car and jam that 90's playlist) and an iPhone charger are key. Not having these can make or break a trip. For realz.

Lightweight towel: I love turkish towels. Lightweight, super absorbent, don't take up a lot of room in your bag and serve multiple purposes.

Extra slippahs: I usually wear shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes on an island trip and stash some slippahs in my bag for when I need em.

Snacks: For when you can't decide where to eat, this will hold ya over.



Maui + Oahu

My Dad + his girlfriend Lucy came to visit back in February and as we had cocktails on the beach, saw the sites, and ventured over to Maui for the Road to Hana one day, I couldn't help but document it all, taking tons of pictures while they were here. As a professional who gets paid for photos it's common to get bogged down by the thought of lugging around your gear taking more pictures, something we once did all day everyday for fun, now denoted to another task. This year I've consistently reminded myself to shift out of the mindset of work, get creative shooting again for myself, see things differently, and most of all take photos of the people and places that I love. It's good for the heart and even better for the memories. (and thanks to film, I don't have a gagillion folders to "personal photos to edit" anymore! These photos actually get to see the light of DAY!). Hip hip, hooray!

A mix of shots from O'ahu + Maui, all shot in film on a Contax 645. Some Fuji 400h + Some Portra 800. That Portra 800 looks GORGEOUS in bright daylight! Who would have thought?

Want to purchase Hawai'i prints? Click HERE!

Photographing a Wedding in Hawai'i: What to Wear

[My hair may have found it's way into a pony tail (the wind was INSANE) and my glasses aren't getting much use, but I was thankful I had slippahs in my bag that day! From put together to hitting the beach in a moment's notice, gotta always be Hawai'i ready! Thanks to Shannon Forbes for the photo]

You've got your gear packed and ready, memory cards formatted, and the family formals list snapped tightly to a clipboard. Everything is ready to go as your stare blankly at your closet "what do I wear?!?!?". There are plenty aspects to shooting a wedding in Hawai'i that are different than other locations in the U.S. With varying terrain, quick changes in climate (okay, not HUGE changes, but there's a possibility of some rain ya know) and a mix of styles and cultures, it's important to dress for the occasion being comfortable and practical while still looking fab. While the standard "photographer's uniform'" is considered all black pants and a blouse, I have heard stories of shooters being mistaken for the careering staff....and worse, split britches. Anytime I head out into public I want to present my best self...unless it's a run to Target, then you're getting my "did I just wake up or work out, you will never know" self. Everyone is different with their own personal style, and while I attend events I want to look put together and professional, feeling confident yet super comfy in my wardrobe choice.

Bag  |  Dress  |  Earrings  |  Bracelet  |  Necklace  |  Slippahs  |  Shoes  |  Hair  |  Watch

the Clothes: With typical trade winds, Hawai'i is breezy, but while working it's easy to get smoldering hot...and not in an attractive way. That's why I find it oh so important to wear a semi form-fitting dress (to prevent any breezy catastrophes) as well as a material that is lightweight and breathable. Covering yourself in baby powder when getting ready like Lebron tends to help prevent swvetzy. You'll thank me for that one. Lots of people choose to wear black, which looks chic, however it's personally not all I wear. Investing in a quality black dress makes for a versatile outfit to shoot in, but sometimes mixing it up with colors or prints is fun as well, especially since it's Hawai'i! Just make sure it's appropriate for the day's attire and MOST of all isn't the same hue as the Bridesmaid's. When buying I look for a great fit that won't billow in the breeze, a modest length (with lots of kneeling and working I need to wear and slip and don't want to go flashing people!), and quality material that will hold up for multiple wears--but also won't suffocate me. The dress and the shoes are where you want to invest, as these will be staple pieces in your wardrobe.

the Hair: Speaking of being hot, Photographers: good luck keeping your hair and make-up from melting off. I am considering posting on this one soon and great products to use to keep everything in place, but let's just face it--there's a good chance you're going to be a sweaty mess at the end of the night no matter where you are shooting. I always seem to have the highest hopes for my hair, thinking it will look great down and today will be the day it won't get all sticky but 15 minutes in I am wrong wrong wrongggg and my locks get tied into a low ponytail. From here on out, a stylish, low 'do will work just great. With the soft winds that can turn to gusts mixed with humidity and sometimes passing showers, I find it's the absolute most fool-proof look and still keeps you looking put-together.

the Shoes: Often times an event can start in a beautiful church or venue, lead to portraits on a volcanic rock cliff, can linger at thick, sandy beaches and can end in a glamorous ballroom. These changes in terrain are treacherous and hard to maneuver and with the wrong footwear can slow you down leaving you with mounds of sand stuck in your soles. In addition to supportive kicks it's helpful to bring along some cheapo Surfahs or Locals to slip on. This flip flops (referred to as 'slippahs') have extra thick bottoms that protect your tootsies from the sharpest of rocks and won't leave you devastated if they wind up busted (because they cost all of $3). For the rest of the day I opt for comfortable and stylish closed toed flats (unless it's a casual beach ceremony, then I wear dressy sandals). I love metallic and wild prints or simple black with embellishments. It's hard to find shoes that are supportive AND good looking which leads to many of pairs being fitted with custom orthotic inserts (I refuse to wear grandma shoes just for the comfort. I just... I just can't...). This is ridiculous of me, considering I have a mean case of heels spurs AND plantar fasciitis, but my desire too look good over feeling good got me where I am today. On top of pretty J.Crew flats (that hold up beautifully), these Dexflex flats are cozy and affordable and THESE Orthopedic shoes are actually pretty cute and good to your arches. Worth the investment. Keeping Icy Hot in your bag or car for post wedding rub-downs helps aching feet, too.

the Bag:  I'm here to admit--I'm annoying particular. Not just any ole bag will do, it has to be my style and I've found with most 'photographer specific' bags I  haven't found a fashionable fit, which led me to creating my own. While shooting I carry a lightweight, medium sized cross body bag (that's metallic with studs! duh). It holds my film and memory cards cellphone and whatever else. With a simple top it's roomy and easy to access and is super helpful on wedding days. It doesn't have to be expensive, I snagged mine up at TJMAXX, just something that will hold all your necessities.

the Accessories: the best part of the look! I love to style my simple dresses up with giant lively jewelry, it's the crux of my style. Statement necklaces are apart of my personal signature look, and I usually pair them with interesting studded earrings (since my hair is up) as well as simple, pretty bracelets (that are sure won't snag the bride's gown!). A watch is an absolute necessity for staying on track and not Hawai'i time.