A Place to Call My Own.

While peeking in an empty space three weeks prior, "THIS should be your office.  It's got a lot of light." He's learning.

It's here.  It's FINALLY here!  My office has managed to unpack itself (kindasortaokaynotreallyatall) and I have a personal space to call my own.  To get work done.  To brainstorm and collect; a room to fill corner to corner with ALL OF MY BOOKS (there were 7 boxes of books to be unpacked, by the way. Heavy ones).  The anticipation of having an office was so great that I made and hung these "no sew" curtains before my computer was unpacked, the dishes were into the kitchen and the toilet paper was on it's dispenser!  That's how serious this is. So while I sit comfortably perched at my desk, gazing off to the adjacent wall, I mentally make note: now I have to find a way to cover those gaping holes.  Maybe with a sequin covered wall?  That should do the trick.  Apparently I'm not as good a wall shelf hanger as I am a curtain ironer.  Hey!  That's why Designers hire handy men.  To be handy.


A snippet of my office.  We're going to do big things together, me and this space.