A toast -- to dreams.

Rummaging through old albums in search of a good photo of our bar table to post on Craigslist, I found this image.  An illustration I doodbled across the grid of my very first moleskin notebook in a doctor's office in 2008.  A visual of my "Five Year Plan".  Seeing it in writing allowed me to compare where I hoped I would be then and where I am now, and where I should continue to strive for.  Dreams, wishes, and aspirations have filled the pages of six  moleskins in the past 4 and a half years, and as one goal gets crossed off the list, another gets added.  Over drinks with a new Hawai'i bride last Friday, we raised our glasses and toasted to a budding friendship, her new endeavors, and my yearly business goals now being in my rearview mirror.  Hip hip! (Overheard on EPSN while Marshall was blasting an episode of 30 for 30) "A goal without a plan is just a wish"

(maybe I don't give EPSN enough credit.....nahhhhhhh.)