Adding your logo in iMovie

When I was little my sister and I had a karaoke machine accompanied by a heavy silver microphone.  For hours I would lock myself in my room and sit cross-egged in front of the metal piece of equipment, speaking with my lips closely pressed to the mic and recording..then rerecording...songs and antics and dedications, my own tiny person improv act.  I'd pretend I was a working radio station or envision grand scenes in which I would act out who knows what.  Then I would lay on my back, right ankle perched across my left knee, and play back the cassette tape. Strange, I know.

So what does this have to do with anything?  Well, nothing really other than the fact that even at five my voice decibels were blowing out karaoke speakers.

Even though I am no cinematographer, playing around with video kind of reminds me summer afternoons recording as a kid, it's fun and adds a different medium to the mix of things.  When doing my "30 Day Vlog Challenge" (in which the thought still keeps me up at night) I wanted some sort of consistency and branding element in my vlogs which themselves were anything but consistent.  Or branded.  Or even, you know, normal.

Here's a simple way to import your logo and create intros/transitions in videos using iMovie.  Made by the five year old me.