All around the table.

"What's your biggest fear?" my day devotional prodded.  It was something I had never really given much thought to, but after figuring it out, I sited a pattern throughout life. "That no one will care".  It sounds silly, but true.  That what I have to say wouldn't be considered of value, what I am interested in doing wouldn't have an impact, or most of all--if I put it together, that no one would show up.  As a kid, it stopped me from having parties at the skating rink, because I just didn't want to be the person who no one showed up for.  I always felt better doing it with someone else rather than alone so there's a blanket, a back-up, and a guaranteed SOMEONE who cares from the start.  Immediately after uncovering such a silly thing to be afraid of, I decided right then and there to squash it.

Turkey, stuffing, homemade potato salad and gravy--come last Thursday our kitchen was covered in an array of Thanksgiving feast delicacies and a slew of friends brought more, packing the house, praying over our meal, and toasting to a collaboration of great friends both new and old.  Marshall and I hosted dinner this year for 16 of our friends as I went out on a limb and offered up my very best Pinterest treats (to include but not limited to salted carmel brownies + watermelon champagne!), people showed up.  Made new friends.  And stayed well past midnight.

For this year I am thankful for our slew of awesome Hawaii friends, our house perfect for entertaining, the pups, my job, my handsome and SUPER helpful husband, GOD (what WHAT!), and the courage he has given me to simply squash ALL OVER the fear.  I am excited for what 2014 holds, because I know it's going to be good.


an iphone photo of girls around the sexy DIY dinner table.  ;)