Don't threat me with a Sears Christmas catalogue.

Ever since I was a little girl, I made a very clear what I wanted for Christmas.  Each Thanksgiving after the pineapple upside-down cake was served, I would patiently wait my turn for the TOYS-R-US catalogue to make its way down the line to me.  Once in possession, I would start marking my territory.  Not the gentle, dog-eared technique of my sister, but creasing the page, violently circling the item, then, just incase anyone had any doubts of it's intended receiver, scribbling my name next to it.  With an arrow, for good measure.  Rarely did my Nannie's tree bottom behold all of these shining gifts, it was usually stacked with cards and gift money (no complaints here!), but never did this stop my campaign.  I just learned to target different family members.  My Mom, bless her heart, found tucked away in a bible (of all places) a Christmas list from the 90's from me.  Written on lined paper.  College ruled.  Front to back.  COVERED.  A list specifically detailed with the item (i.e. Japanimation Scratch-N-Sniff T-Shirt), size (Small), and location in which the item could be purchased (Spencer's, Fashion Square Mall.  East Wing.).  You may say I was a spoiled little thing, I like to look at it as thoughtful.  Organized.  No need wasting your time wondering what I what and where to find it when it's all right there.  In writing.  I took the guess-work out of it!  Did you a favor! As an adult, my strategy has stepped up a notch and gotten more tech savvy.  I've been known to send emails consisting of names, descriptions, sizes, and most importantly, links of where to find said item.  Gifts listed in a varying price points are, of course, ranked from "most desirable" to "practical, but I promise I won't have a meltdown on Christmas day if this doesn't come wrapped with a bow."  I tend to know what I like, but truthfully, I'm may just be a control freak.

So in good fun, here's my imaginary Christmas list.  JUST FOR GIGGLES, YA'LL!  But, if you're feeling generous...

You would think making such "spirited" lists would ensure I didn't get anything super practical (because really, do I LOOK LIKE I WANT A RICE COOKER?) but mysteriously that hasn't proven correct.  ;)


PS:  Pleaseeee tell me you get the title reference that ISN'T a typo!  Any ROCK OF LOVE fans out there?  Anybody? *crickets* ANYBODY?!?!