Aloha from Huhwhyyuh

It's always fun introducing people to O'ahu for the first time, but even MORE fun when it's a family member.  Even more MORE fun (yep, I made that happen) is when it's your Dad!  My Father, known to most as "Mr. Goodwin" and his sweet girlfriend Lucy landed in paradise Tuesday evening and will be soaking in the rays for a little over a week--a big difference from their currently snow covered backyard in Virginia!  It's entertaining to listen to them coo about about warm it is and call friends to check on the dogs greeting with "Alooohhhaaaaaaaaa from sunny Huh-why-yuh!" (That's how my Dad says Hawai'i.  Huh-why-yuh.  He has an odd Amelia County accent sometimes).  Dinners have never been more enjoyable reminiscing over days when he was the Principle at the middle school I attended, laughing over quirky things Izzie does (he and Lucy are now the proud parents of our once third pup, Isabelle who couldn't be happier with her new life as a bonafide princess), and sharing family history.  I poke fun that it took us moving ALL THE WAY TO HAWAI'I for Dad to come and visit.  From the look of this picture below HE declares I was trying to kill him on their first day so I didn't have to worry about them anymore.  ;)  They made it up the Kailua Pillboxes and I promised I wouldn't take them on any more challenging hikes... Koko head isn't challenging, right?  ;) Both Dad + Lucy aren't crazy about being in photos, so naturally I am going to make them pose everywhere.  Here's an iPhone photo from our trip up the mountain where we could spot all KINDS of whales breaching in the distance!  My first sighting!