Aloha Nui Loa

Last night I had a dream that I took a flight to Charlotte on accident.  And when I got there, I realized I didn't need to be there.  That I had gone on a whim, so fast that I hadn't considered the why.  Immediately I panicked over all the money I'd spent, and questioned how I was going to get back.  Back home.  To the island breeze and the rushing of the sea.  Somewhere along the way I found my mom, and had to tend to her car that she forgot to lock with the windows all rolled down in the airport parking lot, and got told I was too late to catch my military Space-A flight.  I didn't say it was a normal dream, but it woke me up in a tizzy.  Fear most likely stemmed from the sheer terror one gets when first opening their banking account app while simultaneously saying a fast-paced prayer, induced by recent travels to the mainland.  Mainland.  Everyone looked so quizzical when Marshall says that, but that's what it's called where you people live.  The main-land.

After a trip to the east coast to shoot a vineyard wedding (what a nice change of pace), and some time visiting family who I haven't seen in over a year, topped with with a surprise visit from my husband who has been playing All Army + All Armed Forces softball and I haven't seen in over two months, it has been a whirlwind of a summer.  Longest sentence ever.  Somewhere along the way the whirlwind summer swept us into fall, the timid waves began to swell, and the tradewinds turned into gusts.  Meanwhile on the East Coast, girls donned boots and cute quilted jackets, pumpkin spice lattes in tote, exclaiming it's their "favorite time of the year" and when I hoped off my 16 hours of travel in a hoodie and hipster glasses (that are real, btw) I couldn't have felt more out-of-place in the moment, looking down at my innaporpriately packed suitcase of cut-offs and t-shirts, freezing to death as the chill dipped below 70 degrees.

I loved every minute of seeing family, kissing all over my precious God Daughter Bella (who is a year old and I JUST met!) spending serious quality time with my husband, rummaging old photos at my mom's house, and squealing in excitement to see my quickly growing nieces have budded into girlie girls.  Witnessing the slight crispness that hits the air when it turns fall, seeing pumpkins lining the streets, gawking at the golden fall light with fresh eyes, and catching up on family ties that I have been so out of the loop on.  But after a while nothing compares to being back on island.  Getting off the plane into that warm, dated local airport, feeling the kiss of the salty air, the wave of the palms, and declaring yourself home.

A quirky little rock I found while wandering Maui with my sister when she came to visit.  It loosely translates to: "Locals Only---much love".  Contax 645  |  fuji 400h  |  RPL.  + if you see, there is an all film trend going on lately 'round here.  ;)