Aloha! Pups in Hawai'i

It has been nearly a year since I have spent quality time with our doggies.  NEARLY A YEAR!  When we found out we were moving to Hawai'i, there was absolutely no doubt in our minds that the dogs would come along, but when turned into a whole 'nother matter.  Between the logistics of moving across the continential US and into the middle of the Pacific ocean, living in a hotel room for an uncertain amount of days, and then of course the hoops that were to be jumped in shipping a pet to O'ahu without being quarantined we were left without our babies for months.  Even in our new home I would hear "phantom" jingles, thinking it was Napoleon's tags clanging together, or everytime I set the lock button on the car I expected to hear a parade of barks from inside the house. As much as I tried not to think about missing the pups and knew they were living a great life with our families, I had a serious void in my heart.  I could hardly talk about them without tearing up.  The guilt of leaving our family members responsible for them for this long weighed on me at night and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle our muchkins.  I found myself regretting all those times I got mad at things that they did and promising that if I could get them back right them and there I would never curse their quirks again.  I promise I will never get mad when Napoleon pees on the corners of walls.  And I will let him lick his paws right in my ear drum all night long!  And I will just laugh when Leo bites my diamond ring and won't let it go.  Or eats the sandwich right off my plate when I'm not looking.  I swear I swear! Luckily the stars lined up as timing, changes in Delta flight regulations (check out their new Pet Safe program if you are considering traveling with pets!) and finances all came together and allowed for two of our three babies, Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France and Leonardo Raphael (Nappy and Leo) to be put on a flight by Marshall and picked up yesterday by me!  Hawai'i is incredibly strict with necessary guidelines, number of days for paperwork submitted/shots given/hefty fees/etc. and make it daunting to send pets over without the threat of being quarantined (not over my dead body!) and I am incredibly thankful that Marshall was on the Mainland and I was here to get them sent safely.  My Dad currently still has Izzie, and whether or not she will make it to Hawai'i or will forever be Avery Goodwin's little princess is currently up for debate.  I know she gets to live her dream of being a lap dog in his recliner watching Golf on TV, it's hard to take that luxury away from her!

I know Marshall's family and my sister miss the boys and I am so thankful for their generosity and love in keeping them (Leo has made all sorts of friends while staying there!) but I am thrilled to have them back with us.  Is it weird that I am excited to have someone to legitimately talk to while I am home working?  Or that I feel like I need to entertain the dogs as if they are guests and show them everything Hawai'i has to offer?  Because I do.

If anyone knows of a great puppy stylist on the island, we could use one!


E komo mai to O'ahu, Napoleon & Leo!!