An Ode to Le Pups

It's National Dog Day! How'd I figure that out? The same way I get ALL my daily news: Facebook! Although I love a good celebration I happen to think all these crazy dates deemed "holidays" are ridiculous (expect for Donut Day, that's legit), I can't pass up the opportunity to give out a shout out to our Boos, our Babydogs. Honey Bunches of Oats, Sweetie Babies and sincere troublemakers. Our fluffy children, Guardians Of The House, cuddle bugs and Loves Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France and Leonardo Raphael. They are my shadows, confidants, and lazy sleep-under-my-desk coworkers. They keep me company when Marshall is away playing softball. They are my nurses who never leave my bedside when I am sick. They bark at anyone who comes in the house or leaves the house. Or maybe sounds like they are coming to come in the house. Or passes by the house. Or locks their car door but isn't going to come in the house. The lick themselves into a coma on the reg and me into a fit of annoyance. The jingle of their collars greets me at my every turn. Napoleon's Houdini skills are still under investigation and Leo's ability to eat plumerias chocolate unpopped popcorn packaging popcorn slugs razor blades anything and everything without consequence is a sheer and total miracle...and possible party trick. I love their individual quirks, like when Napoleon gets cabin fever and runs super fast circles from room to room (all by himself) and Leo's sense to bite your dang finger off for a carrot. Or how Napoleon buries himself under the covers and sleeps by my legs and Leo lays on his back and cuddles into Marshall's 'nook', snoring.  'Des babies get all the love and in turn love us matter HOW many bad haircuts they've endured by the very hands that feed them (very expensive raw food). We love these crazy abnormally big for maltese pups like whoa.