Are We There Yet?

"I'm kind of worried.  What should I NOT do when I'm on the bus? I want to be least annoying as possible." "Well, for starters, you shouldn't use a sharpie or nail polish while in an enclosed vehicle..."

"Right, NO ESSIE." I scribbled down in my moleskin.  "Wait.  I did that once?  Oh, righttttt." The gold sharpie on the way to Atlanta for my fabulousssssss (aka temporary) hand-signed business cards.

NO SHARPIES. exclamation point.  Got it.


Some of you may be wondering just what the heck I am doing going on a tour bus with Jasmine Star, J.D.(is it Star now, too?  ;) ), and the gang next month for theFIX tour, and well, other than praying to the photography gods that I don't red-lighted off a moving vehicle, I'm helping plan the trip.

Okay, well, the trip is already planned, I am sort of around for a little bit of everything, but mainly before we go, I am lining up hotels, bus permits, and road trip pit-stops along the way.  This possibly means I am googling every road side attraction known to man. Once we get on the road and start the tour, I will be more of a "smiling face" at each event, getting attendees (which better mean YOU!) amped up and ready to pop bubbly.  You know how I do.  So, before I board the bus, here are my biggest concerns.

Possible Ways For Me To Get Kicked Off Of A Moving Tour Bus:

-My affinity for Sharpies & Essie.  No bueno. Leave the nail salon at home.

-Yoga.  Probably not polite to pull a Madonna and down dog in the bunk aisle, best I take my yogitoes outside.

-Yoga Pants.  Guess I'll need to rummage up something else to wear other than my "working from home" staples, seeing as I will be in public and all.  Don't want to embarrass anyone on the bus.

-Humming.  I hum when I concentrate.  Not a pretty Cinderellie hum, but a herd of bumblebees hum.  I typically don't do this when anyone else is around, but I typically don't hear myself either.  So, better start listening.

-Washing my hair.  It takes me forEVER to shower NOT because of werewolf legs, but because my hair is sooooooo longgggggg.  Better make it snappy, we don't have a well following that bus around.  I can hear my Dad saying something like that right now...

-My volume.  I'm loud.  It's true.  I still stand by the notion that my voice simply carries, but regardless, I am capable of blowing your eardrums out.  Either I need to tone it down (which in 6 years Marshall has had no such luck) or 6 pairs of Bose noise canceling headphones are on my "to purchase for trip" list.


I hope to see you there!  And not because you bought a ticket, but on account of me making it past Mesa County.  But otherwise, you should buy a ticket if you haven't already.  Who else is going to be there??



ps:  I am totally mailing everyone I know one of these.