From the inside out: Arise 2014

Draped in a chic black dress and ankle boots, her fragile build truly commanded the stage.  Running a palm through her hair in true girl fashion every few minutes, her wise words mingled with her youthful and of-the-moment self deprecating jokes had me mesmerized.  For the past three days I have spent most of my time taking notes, praising Jesus, and praying alongside like-minded women at the Arise Conference hosted by Inspire Church.  With divine, holy spirit guided speakers such as Lisa Bevere, Vera Kesavich, Memry Casey, and my new favorite New York City girl Andi Andrew,  my heart is being changed and my dreams being revealed.  These women make ministry, and these three days of constant God time have got me focusing on what really matters in this life--propelling us to arise to our calling.  I am grateful for my church, for the women around me, and for the dreams God's seeded amongst my heart.  Now, time to make them happen in him.  Repeating messages are getting through my thick skull and the changes my soul needs to make are evident.  Here's to the hopes + tugs that one day, I too, will be traveling and encouraging others from a platform.  An inspiring + eye opening renewal for 2014--change from the inside out.  

GodAshley Woods1 Comment