She sweetly ordered her frappacino, blonde hair coiled into one of those effortless top buns the rest of the world can't seem to master with effort and said yes to whip cream. "What's the name for the order?"


"....errrr, Beeeeaa...?"

"Just B."

Her answer so perfectly reflective of her style, I was hanging out with B for the first time (without red wine involved).  Together we sat on the Lanikai beach, the middle of our two stomping grounds and as we watched the sunrise conversed way past the morning and well into the afternoon sharing ideas about life, love, Hawai'i, and photography.  Hailing from Nebraska, B moved out to O'ahu with her husband several months ago and has recently branched out from being a photography associate to owning her own business.  Charming, warm-hearted and just simply sweet, I am thankful that I have met this beautiful one-of-a-kind gem.  You're real and true and encourage others to be exactly what you repeat on a daily basis, just Be.   Now, if only I could get your love of crossfit to rub off on me....

Brandi, I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with you and can't wait to see where business takes off for you.  Can't wait to kick it more--preferably on your killer lanai.  ;)

(And unfortunately I will forever call you Brandi, as that is what I was introduced to you as--it just sticks!  I'll make effort, I pinky swear.)

Contax 645 on Fuji 400H (I think!)