Babbling Brook.

"bauuubbbleeeee babbbbleeee bauuubbbleee babble says the Babbling Brook!" Marshall poked fun at me over my 27th Birthday dinner, loosely quoting the Five Love Languages and pointing out my most evident personality quirk. I'm a talker.   I call people to tell them what I just saw today.  And if no one answers, I simply tell myself. I got C's in conduct because I enjoy being the entertainer.  I get a good laugh out of things and enjoy when people feel the same way about me.  I want for people to have a good time.  Not to take things too seriously and to always be themselves.

With this said, it's hard making these videos.  Especially seeing me, being myself. My loud OHHHHMYGOOODNESSSSS did I just do that WHO LET ME DO THAT?!?! self.  Vlogging so far has taught me a lot, but I am thankful I'm pushing on even when there are days when I do is commit to the camera!  It's not easy to get through and certainly not easy hearing yourself and all your rambling "ummm, uhhhh" flaws, but I am pleased that I am putting myself out there and introducing myself via an entirely different medium:  Ashley Goodwin, LIVE and in HD VIDEO!  (Where's my make-up primer?!?!?).  I've tried to not let the "Challenge" dictate me and not put "fillers" out just for the sake of completing another day, but instead mix "content" with my thoughts, things I love, trips around the island, and most importantly, giggles.  I could never try to teach someone something for 30 days nor would I want to on my blog, I'm interested in helping out whenever I can, showcasing what makes me tick, the gorgeous island that I live on, encouraging others to be their 100% selves and PUT IT OUT THERE, even if you are goofy (like myself!) and sprinkling in a few educational gems I've learned from others along the way.  So far it's been fun!  I have hit proverbial walls a few times and totally need to tone down my rambling mind, but for today I am thankful for the experience of committing to be me--genuinely and whole heartedly-- and even if no one watches for the rest of however many days, I will be happy I stuck it out and documented myself right here, right now, at this time in my life. Not to mention I have a soft spot in my heart for video so what better excuse to play around with it than accepting a challenge?!?!?

Cheers to the rest of the "Challenge Takers" who have been BUSTING IT OUT!  I've seriously learned some awesome stuff from these people!  The Facebook Group they've created too is POPPIN'!  When I first started, I weighed the pros and cons and to be honest, I saw all pros and hardly any cons (that's assuming staying up all night editing in imovie isn't a con).  But that's not to say there are none.  If you have any critiques, please do share!  And if you have any ideas of videos of what you'd love to see, I am DYING to hear!  (My thought tank may or may not be running low people.  Throw a girl a bone!)

For today, a minute from the Cutting Room Floor, week. which there aren't many "bloopers" considering I  typically leave my strange antics in my videos.

If you've been watching, if only one video, thank you.  And if you laughed with or at me, CHAMPAGNE TOAST TO YOU, my dear friend!

& I'm sorry I yelled at you in here Marshall. I still love you. ;) I knew I should have locked the door... xo