Back it up.

"It says it can't download my iphone photos because iphoto needs to be restored from a back-up...."  As Marshall tried to problem solve his Macbook, I feared for the worst.  There is nothing scarier than a computer error message, as all of your data and precious saved photo and video flashes before your eyes.  I myself had a Macbook crash on me a few years ago, have had portable hard drives break, smash, and go corrupt (thankfully I learned these lessons early while I will still in college.  There's no worse feeling than seeing the folder with a question mark appear when your Mac starts up--I still have nightmares about it!) and sadly just the other day I had a new Bride explain to me the importance of her wedding day photos, as their computer was stolen and they lost a few years worth of memories and newborn images. Don't worry, I won't turn this post into a giant lecture on why you should print your photos (you should print your photos).  Instead after I found myself telling Marshall and my Bride about my personal back-up system that is as easy as pie and could save a lot of stress and heartache I figured it may be useful to someone else as well:  Backblaze.  On top of saving files to two separate hard drives, Apple's Time Machine, and my SmugMug galleries (you can order prints from there, too.  You know, you should maybe consider printing your photos...) I also use Backblaze.  It's an online cloud based system that backs your computer's information safely and securely onto a server (although I'd delete those nudies first before uploading before I were you--better safe than sorry).  It's pretty awesome and helps me sleep better at night, really.  The first back-up of your computer may take daysssss (mine took 26 days) and depending on your internet speed, could take longer (it once told me 312 days!!  ACK!  So we bumped up our internet connection--problem solved).  It runs in the background of your computer so you can still work seamlessly and as you change/update/add files, Backblaze automatically backs it up online.  Genius, right?  So thankfully, in the *ohmygoshwhyamIevenputtingthisintotheuniverse?* event of a computer crash or worse--kidnapped scenario, you can access your files online and restore your machine.  As, to me, NO internet service provider or social media site should be trusted to house your photos indefinitely (companies change or go out of business all the time you know--remind me to tell you about the time I lost my Facebook Business Page and all the photos with it, or the time Webshots deleted all of my photos...), I don't rely soley on this service and back-up important things at least two other ways.  Everything else, I now print.  ;)

Here's a screenshot of the dashboard inside of backblaze, and a peek into the massive amount of my files stored in it.  #lifeofaphotographer  For less than $10/month, it's cheaper than ambien!  (you know, so you can sleep at night...?). And so you know, no one is paying me to say this--although maybe I should look into that.  But, I DO get $10 if you sign up for Smugmug--use this coupon code!  oCfYm5nbe7V2Y