Back to life

"...back to reaaallittyyyy." (you know you just sang it, too). It's Monday and as I sit at my computer and stare nearly through my screen fueled by loads of espresso, I know I should be thankful for clear blue skies and the warm weather that is our home in Hawai'i, an "upgrade" Marshall tries to cheer me with, but truth be told I'm fighting off a slight twinge of post-vacation depression. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I haven't been on a straight-up for fun vacation like that in a while, or ever on an international adventure with my husband until now but in this moment I miss Thailand! The whole time we were there together it felt like a dream, as if the beauty and enjoyment of it all hadn't settled on me yet, and now naturally the memories begin their decent deep into my heart while we are back home. It's no surprise how much I love that part of southeast Asia, something about it always calls me back to it's warm smiles and bustling streets, but this time was truly sheer bliss even during the 8 hour layover in the desolate Pudong airport in China. This afternoon it's back to business, happy to cuddle our fluffy babies, but not unlike "the beach", laughing and reminiscing over photos shot alongside the ocean. Dressed in cotton elephant printed pants (I bought 7 pair!) I'll try to get on a regular sleep schedule, pray my film turns out ok (I packed it in my checked luggage on the way home! A tired ROOKIE MOVE!) ingest loads more coffee and mentally plan our return back to the gorgeous islands scattered across the Gulf of Thailand (and of course, work on a blog post).

Adventure photos from my iPhone. Check them out + their details via instagram.