Beach Bums + Analyzing Life.

It's crazy how you brain can shift from overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin to getting shit done when you stop being paralyzed by fear and the thought of failure and just do the work. This past month has been a 'stare at your computer screen from sun up to sun down' kinda month, as I promised my business I would commit time to it to wrap up the back-end things that I knew would make all the difference in the world, they just needed some serious devotion and time. And that's all being your own boss is: prioritizing. Laying out boundaries of work and play, hunkering down to get goals accomplished even when you don't know where to start, and making decisions that ultimately make life easier. It's funny, my analyzing has gone from analyzing life to every aspect of business, so much so that I've got my husband piecing together tidbits. He and I sat down TWICE this weekend in Kaua'i to eat and instead of talking about the scrumptious burger, or the rainy weather, we focused on each company's business model, wondering about costs and strategies and talking about how much gross profit we thought they made while I noticed the great deal of attention the seemingly OCD owner of the Tege Tege shave ice truck put into things. Scrutinizing his little blue wagon, all the way down to the vintage shave ice maker and limited amount served daily, I pieced together his brand that seeped into everything he did. Marshall even came home from a softball trip to Las Vegas last month talking about how he noted great ideas from club promoters "They said the DJ threw cake on everyone and I thought 'that made people remember him..'". I was so proud!  Life in Hawai'i has got me thinking and working harder than ever, and I love it. And here I thought we'd move here and become beach bums.... ;)

What in your every day life has you forever analyzing?

HAPPY HUMP DAY! (I mean, I just couldn't resist!). If only my butt dimples were are cute as these... BAH.