Behind the Scenes

Curated, coifed + stumbled upon, beautiful photographs can often appear to be sheer perfection, organically derived without a hint of effort involved. That sure as heck isn't the case, at least for the majority of my images, even the ones you see on my Instagram. Although how things naturally lay truly appeals to my senses and leaves me inspired, more times than not that magazine on the table framed by bougainvillea isn't how it landed on it's way in from the mail. Frequently moved by my surroundings, I do have a hand in styling the scene around me, even if it's a light one.

This palm leaf was anything but light. You think coconut trees grow on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean? Nope. But for this last minute location decision I knew I wanted large leaves with the endless  blue waters, so before we boarded our fishing boat at 5:30am my intern and I scavenged the forest by the parking lot and miraculously found a fallen tree. We yanked this baby off and hauled it onto the boat. "You think this will fit?" I asked the driver, completely uninterested in the answer. If you know me,  didn't matter what he said it was going to fit. Along with the umbrella, chair, hammock and hammock stand I brought along, too. Thankfully Ku'u was up early and didn't mind a solid arm workout.

Stick a chair (granted, a coveted Lily Pulitzer one) in the middle of the ocean? Hand over my shades? I'll happily do whatever it takes to get some killer shots...even if they're with my iPhone... YOU'RE GONNA NEED AN INSTAGRAM OF THIS I'm quite positive I screamed in glee.

Ku'u, who is my intern and an amateur wrestler, kindly informed me this was a great wrestling stance. Keeping my center of gravity low, I guess I've always got a back-up career option! (6 a.m. rocking that tita bun!).

Did you happen to see this Hawai'i style photo on Instagram? If so, here's a little something you DIDN'T know....

It took two men holding their breath over + over and a very bossy iPhone photographer 10 or more tries to get the shot. This is their "pleaseeeeee tell us you got the photo..." looks. Nope! The wind blew my umbrella away, try again, guys! This is what husbands + their college roommates are for. I am sure onlookers thought I was crazy, I simply called it set on a vision.

Early morning call times, toes cut on lava rock, late night flights home, going barefoot so a bride can wear my slippers onto the rocky pier, I will happily do what it takes to make sure clients have the best experience with some once in a lifetime images...all while shooting what makes me hoot'n holler like an obnoxious valley girl, too.