Behind the Scenes Video | Couple's Shoot.

When I shoot, I get into a zone. A zone of "eeks!" and OMGS and "LOVE."'s.  What???  I get EXCITED! gorg. Instead of putting on a production and feeling like they are "having their photo taken", I encourage my clients to laugh and play and have a great time with no pressure!   I specifically tell them to take the time to enjoy this moment together.  To relish in a few hours of stillness during wedding planning, or while vacationing on the islands, or from the every day trials of life.  To remember exactly how much they love each other and to feel it.   Not only does it make for fabulous photos, but a fun, no pressure experience!

When shooting, I direct couples into "stories" that turn into actions, think less of a pose, more of "something to do, something to think", but more than just taking what I say and doing just that, I encourage them make the actions their own and hopefully laugh at each other (or me) somewhere along the way.  ;) Typically I will pass along an idea and ask them to just roll with it, sometimes eliciting an "OH!  We've got that" response, or "I don't but I'm sure he would love it if I did wash the dishes...  LET IT BE YOUR FANTASY, honey!!", which turns into a case of the giggles, and I could never ask for anything better.  Sometimes I talk couples through a session, sometimes I am more reserved and capture the subtle yet romantic gestures they make with one another with a *gasp--that's so sweet* in between clicks.  For me, it's all about reading the couple's in front of my camera and always letting them be themselves. There may be a time where a couple says  "we are more silly and goofy" which is so perfect,  I always work to compliment people's relationships,  but let me tell you there is almost always a moment where everything gets quiet, and the moment happens, even to the goofiest of bunches. I can see everything softly fade away around them and there are a few moments where it's just them.  I silence myself, slow down my shooting, and leave it untouched for them to take in.  And then I smile to myself and say "thereeeee it is".

Whenever behind my camera, I strive to capture an image of my couples that says "THIS.  This is US.  This is exactly what we do.  How I look.  How I feel in this moment."  More than just a pretty photo,  I want them to be able to look past having their photo taken, possibly any  insecurities, hair whipping in the wind,  and be able to admire their true selves shining through. To me, THAT is a beautiful photo.


Check out ALL the fun that goes down! "Behind the Scenes" shoot with Yasmin Dar & her fabulous fiance Sal, who said "I was a little reluctant to do another photoshoot for the wedding, but you made it a great experience. You can quote me on that one!"  Thank you Sal!  It was my honor, and I am thrilled you had a great time!  Yasmin & Sal used bits from the video for a Save the Date video I made for her (for fun, I am no videographer!) that you can check it out on her blog.


Behind the Scenes | Couple's shoot from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.


Wardrobe & make-up styling by Crystal Pancipanci of Panci Style.

Styling: Me with the help of Marissa Rodriguez and Crystal Pancipanci.

Photography by me, of course (those are coming soon!)

Video footable by both me and Marissa Rodriguez.

Editing by Me.

Other way cool videographer who came along: Nik Ripp