[Behind the Wolf Pack] Anthony Q.: My 'Pick Me Up'.

For some reason, the people that tend to inspire me the most are the people I know the least about.  I don't much about Anthony.  I apparently don't know his name (Andrew? Anferny?) and I sure as heck can't pronounce his last name.  All I know is it's something with a Q.  You know, as in Quarter.  Or Quail.  Or even Quiche. When I first watch Anthony's video submission, I was blown away by his creativity.  How had he thought of that?  Refreshing Jasmine's blog over and over? Classic! But somehow I knew he thought he was cooler than me.  Totally.  Well I've got news for you, Anthony....dang it you are.

Anthony was the first to meet up with Candice and I in our hotel in Seattle and, upon meeting me for the first time, let me know that I had already let him down.  "Wow.  Your accent isn't as strong as I thought it was going to be.  Can you maybe dial it up a little?".  BAH!  Oh, so you've got jokes, huh? We are going to get along just fine.

Later that night (while practicing our J*Jets entrance skit), he proclaimed if I didn't reenact the skit just as I had that he would "slap me tomorrow morning".  I like this dude!

Andrew.  Or Anthony.  Whatever you go by:

You're funny.  But the best part is, I'm not sure you even really know.  (Okay okay, maybe you do.)  You're clever, quick-witted, and over-our-heads smart.  Best of all, you even laughed at MY jokes!  Bonus points for you friend.  You may have a significant height advantage over me, but I trust you will always have my back.  Your decision go against the norm and transition from videography to wedding photography stems from your heart and it's a brave move that I know you will be incredibly successful in.  You're talented, passionate, and charismatic.  Your abilities to get along with anyone you meet and make them feel comfortable is an asset that you will benefit greatly from.  Plus, you know how to strike a sick modeling pose.  Keep doing what you're doing dude.  You've got great ideas and an amazing brand forming for yourself (I mean, purple and gray wardrobe all weekend?  Touche!  Work that marketing!).  I'm proud to say that we never needed the answer from Jasmine that "there is no time delay on Creative Live" because we both were able to control our outbursts.  :)  Regardless, if you had have been the first to get kicked out of the studio, rest assured I would have been right behind you.  Thank you for being a trooper on my birthday and sticking it out while others were going to bed, even if did mean falling asleep in the bar and missing a mind blowing dance party.  It's the thought that counts.  I'm thrilled to have gotten to know you and can't wait to see how you rock out San Fran!  When I saw you talking to Chase I may have been cracking jokes on the side, of course, but was truly so so happy you got the opportunity.  You're crazy talented and have shown you have the drive to do what it takes to get out there and be the best Anthony Quesada there is.  But for the sake of the uncool kids like myself, let's hope there's just one of you.  ;)

& PS:  I'm sorry I called you the wrong name for, like, two days and now everyone else is, too.  I am trying to start implementing Jasmine's trick for remembering names.

Soundtrack to your life: 6 Foot, Seven Foot//Lil Wayne

(careful, a lot of F bombs going on in this un-edited song.  But, I found it one more thing about this song that was fitting for Anthony.)

Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer swagger down pat, call my sh*t Patricia Young Money militia, and I am the commissioner you don’t want start Weezy, ‘cause the F is for Finisher


Meeting his absolute idol, Chase Jarvis & his gorg wife Kate: Be cool Anthony, just be. cool. (Good call keeping your hands in your pockets, otherwise they may have gone up into a death-grip bear hug).

"I'm gonna come busting through that brick wall in a minute, ohhh yeahhhhhhh."  His legit Kool-Aid man shoes.

"Roadie" in every since of the word.  & subconscious branding with the purple and gray.  Whoa dude.

A fellow yogi?!?!  No wonder I liked you!

"So, what if you just said 'I love weely weely fin pancakes.  That's a fair compromise, no?"--Jean Girad.  I TOLD you you looked like Borat!  ;)