[Behind the Wolf Pack] Christy Cropper: My 'Just Go With It"

Sometimes, you see people online and you just don't know what exactly to think.  At first glance, Christy Cropper was one of those.  When I first watched her entry to Creative Live, I thought to myself "This girl is wearing a wolf shirt.  A wolf shirt. Is this real life?". After meeting Christy, I realized indeed it was real life.  This girl wasn't playin'.  That wolf shirt was legit and she meant business.


I love you more than words can express.  Seriously.  You clowned on us when we were clownin'.  You kept me in "the loop" when I didn't know my role.  Vegas party girl?  No way!  Yes, you have the insatiable fun, vibrant (BLUE!) personality that I would trade anything to have, but you helped keep us grounded.  You are the perfect balance of love, generosity and comedic relief.  If only I was only as confident as you!  Your work is incredible and your calming personality is a refreshing break from the crazy sin city you reside in (but girl, I saw, that part lives in you, too!).  You are the perfect dynamic in our loud, obnoxious, potentially a bit ridiculous group of characters.  Your desire to be crazy successful is personified in your work (LOVE your stuff.  Like, love.) and your caring spirit can't be denied (I mean, you offered ANYONE willing to drive macaroons on your bill.  ANYONE! LIVE!  On the INTERNET. Did you know that?!?!?!).  Your intense crystal blue eyes reflect insane determination buried within.  I'm confident that with your hunger and drive you will be getting up off of those wedding chapel floors and headed to the big leagues girl! ;)  And aren't you glad Jasmine picked you for this go round?  Our group was a great fit for your personality.  Without the 'Three Wolf Moon' shirt (that you highly suggested we read the reviews on) we wouldn't have ourselves any inside jokes! Oh lord, look what you have done. And that mixed C.D.  I don't think I will ever stop listening to that awesome playlist.  Or stop recounting the story of how it came to be presented.  ;)  You are beyond beautiful, creative and driven with a unique style.  I can't wait to spend a weekend (or week...or month...?) in Vegas crashing on your couch.  ;)  For you, we howl at the moon.

Soundtrack to your life: Howlin' for You//Black Keys.


Camera in hand, day in, day out.

BEAUTIFUL!  & those EYES!  Gosh all mighty!

That liveliness!  LOVE IT!  Ya-Ya it, girlfriend!