Bethany + Dan

One of the [ok fine many] perks of living in Hawai'i is the people you get to see pass through. You'd think being on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific would mean never seeing friends or peers but that couldn't be any less true. Hawai'i is a romantic tropical destination that brings tons of people to the islands and Marshall and I are fortunate enough to get to grab drinks or share a dinner with family or friends (both new and old) nearly every month. Seeing people you adore or would love to get to know more is a true joy, and never have I had the opportunity to connect with more industry professionals and old friends than I do living on O'ahu. I had the pleasure of first meeting Bethany + Dan Cox while helping out on theFIX tour two years ago. They kindly helped navigate a tour bus through Boston's cityscape and patiently stood in a street space, saving this then Tour Logistics Manager potential parking spot heartache. We've kept up with one another via internet adventures and got to share poke and brews when they ventured to Hawai'i last month to photograph a wedding. Before dinner we snuck in a few quick minutes of photos just after sunset and spent the evening laughing, brainstorming, and making our web-friendship a real life one.  They are kind, talented, and hilarious, and I'm oh-so-thrilled to have spent a little bit of time with Bethany + Dan while they were here.