Biceps & New Priorities

"I know what I need to do, I just need to do it..." she said ignoring the pouring down rain outside our cars as the conversation continued in spite of it. "And I know what I need to do, I just need to do it, too..." I begrudgingly directed toward my semi-flexed right bicep.

We laughed at each other, shrugged off the drops of water dripping from our eyebrows (hoping they hadn't washed them halfway down our faces) and bid each other ado.  And from that moment  I began thinking about discipline.  And business.  And how it is I can want change so badly but still manage to not do anything about it.  Which led me to priorities.  What you put the most value in will thrive.  I evaluated mine and quickly saw a repeating pattern.  Every morning I say I am going to wake up and commit to yoga first thing but instead I let the dinging of my emails taunt me to my desk where I inevitability cozy up to and before I know it, half the day has resulted in working in my yoga pants that have done very little yoga.  My business is thriving from my unwavering efforts and work ethic and is a clear example of where I put my efforts towards, and my jiggly thighs from weeks of on/off workout scheduling and laundry basket filled to the brim shows where I have sacrificed.   I've decided to simply re-prioritize.  Get things in their proper order, starting with God (because from my gifts to my relationships to my business, He really owns it all) to taking better care of myself.  It will never come last, but up until now business has always come first and this pretty desk chair hasn't been doing my ass any favors.  Literally.

Here's what I've come up with to best keep me on track:

1. Prioritize:

"A dream without a plan is just a wish."  I heard this on ESPN once (yeah, I just said that...weird).  I have never been that great at hard & fast deadlines (that's what she said), but if it is important enough to me I  will make it happen.  Pick a realistic timeline and even if you don't hit the specified date, atleast you have something to keep your mind and actions on track.

2.  Write it down:

If I don't write things down I will forget, even the important things.  Life gets hectic and the enemy tries to distract us, it's helpful to keep a visual of the ideas we set for ourselves.  Create a list on your office door or a visual board (like the book "the secret"), print out a photoshopped picture of your dream bod (I kid....unless that's your thangggg and you're a photoshop genius then I would like to commission a life-size one myself).  Create something that's inspiring and reminds you why you want to make it happen.  Marissa once commented on how genius my iphone screen of my yearly goals was and I had never considered how much the small reminder on something I pick up nine hundred and sixty-eight times a day influenced me.  I have since changed my screen to reflect new desires (I accomplished half of the others!) and a fancier display.  I also once drew up a little illustration in my very fist moleskin notebooks (I now have a ton!) or my 'Five Year Plan', and it's fun to look back and see what, if anything, has changed and where I am now almost 8 years later.

3.  Set reminders:

Hang your teeny tiny bikini on your closet door (I did!).  Set an alarm on your phone to alert you every day to blog. Make a glittery, shiny poster in your office that reminds you how much you actually enjoy spin class--once it's over.  Anything to help remind you of your commitment and keep you on track.

4.  Make it public:

Similar to Oprah, when it comes to my plans for fitness this hasn't quite worked in the past but I am not going to let continuously putting my goals 'out there' stop me and others from keeping me accountable.  Let others know your plans, maybe they can even offer support or ideas to help you reach your potential further!  I remember one of the first times I met Jasmine I had the strongest urge to simply share my heart with her and let her know that I, too, wanted to do what she did and help people.  I also recently shared my unwavering desire to give back to someone I had never met and now I see it taking me places I have never been.  Who knows what telling other people can accomplish, even if it is just a cosmic "putting it out into the universe" type hippie thing.  Let your intentions be known!

5.  Don't look to the past:

To date, this is my biggest weakness.  In yoga they often suggest that you evaluate where you put most of your energy (the past, present, or future?) and I am guilty of living everywhere but in the moment.  I let photos of my tight abs in a bikini and past attempts or 'failures' haunt me and build mental walls, convincing me I am not strong enough to reach my dreams.  THIS SIMPLY ISN'T TRUE.  I know for a fact there are forces in this world that want to stop us from reaching our full potential and there is nothing more discouraging than focusing on negativity from past.  Kick that ish in the ass.  Wait, did you see what just happened there?

and lastly:

6.  Screw the goals.  ;)  Hahahah.  Make these simple priorities a way of life and keep your heart open for any  changes that may come your way (great excerpt on kicking the goals here).  We don't know our destinies, but it's up to us to use and multiply our God given gifts for the success and health of others and ourselves.  From now on I plan to prioritize accordingly and focus on what makes me happy.  To not look to what I haven't accomplished yet, but how far I have come.