Leave your shyness at home.

It was Alyssa’s birthday so the evening called for something fancier than usual.  Not to mention the island has done a number on my style and has me in shorts and a ponytail everyday, which is not even okay, so I was itching to do something different.  Perhaps dress up my neon shorts. So in what I would consider the perfect mix of “boat chic” meets “we are going out after this”, we climbed aboard the rocky catamaran.  Looking like I planned to join P.Diddy on his yacht rather than set sail with long blonde haired “Jacq”, all eyes were on us with expressions that could only read “what is that girl doing?” doused head to toe in jewelry as if I were trying to channel Elizabeth Taylor.

Sure, I don’t believe you can ever be overeducated or overdressed, but something about being so fancy on this boat deck with people in bikinis and aloha wear made me insecure.  Since when did I care what people thought, especially when it comes to my outfit?  Where were these insecurities coming from?!?

Once the wind had ruined my perfectly coiled beach waves and I was a few Coors lights deep (I was promised champagne and instead was given the champagne of beers, whatev), I said eff it.  I was going to stop being insecure in a new place, at least tonight, and enjoy myself.  Laugh.  Get a little too loud.  Strike up long winded conversations with complete strangers in the line for the bar.  Because that’s what I do.  And there's no reason to change that.  Or, to not wear all of my favorite jewelry at once.

And while waiting for the moment where the waves didn’t break for me to scamper off the boat and to dry safety, a girl complimented me on my neon shorts.

And I felt validated.  ;)

"A'a i ka hula, waiho ka hilahila i ka hale."   Leave your shyness at home, dare to dance.

iphone photos from the day: