Break Free + Live Your Dream.

I woke up this morning, trade winds rustling through our bedroom window. Puppies snuggled up against my back in the warm feather bed. Doves cooing from the tips of the coconut trees overwhelmed by sense of life. I made my morning coffee, hesitantly scrolled Facebook before even brushing my teeth, and nearly ignored the urge to sit down and be with GodAll the things I had to do in the short amount of hours today whirled past my mind, trying to settle in each in every crevice, tugging me towards my computer instead of prayer. But I knew I needed to take the time and offer thanks, give gratitude, and receive nuggets from the Holy Spirit. My quiet, seemingly wandering and struggling to find the right words prayer turned to something more as I felt the things that needed to be said. Had my heart pray the prayers that needed to be asked and felt the desires of others well up in my soul. As I sent the words up, I could practically envision someone of great potential, wrists bound chains. Many chains. Locked to fears of making the wrong decisions, feeling weighed down in the daily heaviness of life. But their chains were broken, crashing waves washing over them, no longer held back by the fear and self-doubt not put there by God. She stood strong, claiming her glorious new freedom and truly awaken by her life's exciting purpose. I popped my coffee in the microwave and got to work, casually thinking "wow, that was kind of odd..." as I opened my email. However these days, nothing from the Holy Spirit seems too strange anymore. I quickly scanned my inbox sifting through junk as my cursor landed upon this:

And every experience in it rings true. I know that I know that I know, nothing is without meaning. You were put on this earth with great purpose. You think I'm crazy for being so sure? I think you're crazy for not seeing the signs right in front of you. So follow the whispers of your heart, break free and live your dream. For real.