Scratch that off the Bucket List: Mumford & Sons

A while back I wrote a bucket list, inspired by my good friend Tim King and often times try to keep these lifetime desires in the forefront of my mind. Although my ideals and "OOOOo I wanna do THAT"-s are forever remixing themselves, there are some things I will always be dying to do. Seeing Mumford & Sons in concert was one of them, and I am happy to say that I was able to secure a seat at one of their legendary concerts and cross it off my bucket list. If it weren't for Jenny Dawson's suggestion while planning theFIX logistics, I wouldn't have had the chance to hear them live any time soon! I consider myself lucky to have gone, and on such an incredible day--J.D. De la Torre's birthday! It's amazing the effect that a good concert can have on you. Giving you the chills, making you tear up, experiencing music at a whole 'nother level. Etching a period in time with musical notes. This evening was no different. Nothing beats being in the audience for a great live performance. Mumford & Son's at the Ryman in Nashville, it was rather incredible. You can tell by the video I was dancing the whole time, so I hope it doesn't have the Blair Witch effect on you. And please excuse my horrid singing. When everyone else is doing it, I pretend I sound fantastic.  It's the church choir effect.  What a fantastic concert at an incredible point in my life. Made me tear up from the get-go.

I present to you, a mini Mumford & Son's concert mash-up, shot via my iphone. :) I like this vlogging challenge, it's encouraging me to actually DO something with all of the videos I take or dream of taking. Speaking of amazing videos, check out this documentary on Mumford and Sons, Gentlemen of the Road. Part of an amazing series, freakin' incredible.  (Also introduced to me via Jenny.  That Dawson girl!)