Bursting the wedding bubble.

I've been in such a giant wedding bubble lately that everything else has fallen to the wayside.  My poor puppies are in desperate need of haircuts, I haven't worked out in ages (omg, totally not conducive to dress fittings!), my friends thought I had moved to Hawaii already, and my blog.  Oh this bloggggg.  I took a weekend to commit to "wedding things and only wedding things" in efforts to save my sanity and now feel on top on if...for now. In hopes of introducing more balance into my life, I made a trip to Charlotte to get my wedding dress altered and stay with a girlfriend one night, maybe even squeeze in a Creative Loafing assignment or two.  Me, multi-tasking.  Imagine the possibilities. Turns out I am a great multi-tasker and not only got my dress altered, but got to have lunch at my new favorite BBQ joint Midwood (Frank Scibelli can do no wrong in my book!  Also, I was testing out the mac & cheese there, which will be served at our wedding...again with the multi-tasking) with my BFFs Ryan & Del.  After that I lined up about eight different Creative Loafing photos that I had been assigned for the next few weeks, then made a pit stop at the Farmer's Market just because I was feeling creative and wanted to get some shots (oh, and talk to the girl who sells flowers about buying them for the wedding.  Man, I was on a ROLL!)

See, who says you can't have friends and plan a wedding?



BBQ plate at Midwood with mac & cheese, creamed corn, hush puppies and eastern Carolina sauce.  Man oh man.  Scibelli is a genius!


Midwood has this awesome superhero graffiti behind it's building, so even though it was super bright out, I had to make the boys pose for a few shots before I jetted off to my assignments.

Ryan.  Don't let him fool you, he's not that cool...he's cooler.

& Del!  We have been friends for forever!  Alright, the seven or so years I lived in Charlotte.  He's a great friend and a Bridesmen in the wedding!  :)  (Yes. Bridesmen.  It's a term.  We googled it thankyouverymuch)

They are so entertaining together, it cracks me up.  Ryan has his ways of convincing Del to water the plants and Del does the best impression of Ryan's walk. But I'm not the one who told you.

You "grew on me" too, Ryan.  ;)  Mumblemumblegrumblegrumble.  After this they were going to Urban Outfitters.  Surprised?

Succulents ooooh.  My new favorite obsession!

One of my Creative Loafing assignments was a profile shot of the beautiful Jessica Horton of Jessica Horton Photography.  Headed to Davidson to meet up with her, my GPS took me the craziest way and I passed some rather interesting views.  This garage being one.  I had to stop-but quickly-as no tresspassing signs were posted everywhere and I had the sneaking suspicion I was about to get shot.