Casual Friday: 80's Flashback.

Maybe it's packing up, our close move date, or the change of seasons, but something's got me nostalgic.  Popping up all over my Pinterest boards are some of my favorite toys as a kid.  When I wasn't making elaborate Barbie mansions from cardboard and interior decorating them, I was off in la la land with some of these awesome entertainers.  Or sneaking into my sister's room and prancing around in her tiara.  I will claim that crown one day sohelpmeGod. I could slam a mean pog and play for hours upon hours with my "little people" (they didn't have any arms but they still kept me entertained..when I wasn't gnawing on their heads...) And Roller Blade Barbie. Shouldn't her skates be a fire hazard? Oh well, my Barbie's had wayyyy too much drama going on in their lives to worry about that. I'd trade my three maltese for three Giga Pets any day, although I'm better at keeping the walking, breathing versions alive.  And I can't be the only one who still fantasizes about owning a Ribbon Dancer...can I? What were your favorite toys growing up?