Casual Friday: Hawaiian Diggs.

WE MOVE TO HAWAII IN TWO WEEKS! omg. While we pack up and move our belongings this week (that won't arrive until mid-December.  What...are donkeys swimming it over??) I'm getting uber excited for our new home.  Our new adventure, together! We've booked a hotel to stay in Honolulu for the duration until our household goods arrive, and plan to spend a little R&R time celebrating our "Honeymoon" and exploring the island that we are going to call home.  As I organize our belongings for the movers to box up (yes.  MOVERS!  Hallelujah!) I can't help but invision what our new place will look like.  An apartment or a townhome?  Beachside or high-rise?  Regardless of what we choose, it will be ours and I'm dyingggggg to nest.  Get my hands dirty and make it a home.  Get all "interior design-y up in 'hurr."  Incorporate some of our current pieces as well as some new decor, Ikea hack some furniture for a cool factor, and sage the house so that no lazyboy shall ever, ever grace it's presence.  One thing I do love and hope there are lots of in Oahu are vintage and junk shops.  If anyone knows of any, or any great boutique furniture stores, please, hook a sistah up!  Instead of worrying about WHERE we are going to live my brain is filled with concern of where I'm going to rent any camera gear (found a place!) and where to spend Saturdays looking for buried treasure.  Typical!

My style is always changing, but here are some of my thoughts for our new place!  A lot of spray paint and refurbishing will be involved, but I love a good challenge!  December will be a refresher for both my brand and our house and I can. not. wait!