Champagne taste on a rhinestone budget.

From one Bride to another, I know how financially overwhelming planning a wedding can seem.  That's why when we were planning our wedding last year, I wish I had utilized some of these cost efficient resources to get the gorgeous wedding we had hoped for on a tighter budget than we spent.  Included are a few great ways to substitute what you love with less costly, but just as fabulous, options.  Do keep in mind the importance of prioritizing, because (in my experience as a bride) it is absolutely worth it to invest in the things that matter the most to you, so pick and choose what you are willing to substitute and still get the same "effect", and spend on what you can not live without!  It is worth it in the end to not skimp on what makes you happiest, trust me!  Then, invest those extra you saved pennies into talented photographers and videographers!  They're the ones who document all your hard work and provide you with the lasting memories!  ;)  But that's a whole 'nother video.... Budget friendly resources for Brides:

1.  Rent from local flea markets  the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte NC does rentals, and I'm sure if you ask a lot of other places would be willing to as well!

2. Rent! The dress, jewelry, etc. : (Amazing!  Seriously!  And when you sign up make sure it's through my referral, we will both get $20 credit to spend! HOLLA!)

3.  DIY it!  A little spray paint on an Ikea hack goes a long way.

4.  Buy from previous brides online: Recycled Bride, Once Wed, Ruffled Blog 

5.  Samples: Ask boutique if they will sample the dress you love



Happy wedding planning!  xo

Are ya'll getting tired of me talking yet?  Also, in the works is a video about LIGHTING because you can see how much it changes here, and how I am squinting and didn't realize it at the time!