To friends both new and old.  To light, love, and laughter.  To convictions of the heart and desires of the soul.  To a house in breezy neighborhood and slow lulling seas.  To mornings spent running at dawn, the jingly patter of loyal puppy paws trotting beside.  Lazy mornings curled up together slowly woken by warm light streaming through the sheers.  The Kuerig for it's perfectly brewed batches of goodness.  To a childlike spirit with bicycles and crowns to match.  To the people on island who make it all worthwhile.  To the weddings, the first dances, and the Creatives who've poured their hearts into making magic.  To my husband, who drives me insane unlike anyone else, kisses my forehead, and makes me laugh uncontrollably.  To film, which has simply changed my game.  To the pop of a cork and the bubbles of champagne to celebrate the little things.  To a marriage stronger by the day and new kayaks to boot. For the ability to commune with the Creator of the Universe via prayers: both those answered and in the wings.  To His uncanny ability of turning moments of despair into greatest strengths in Him.  To hope found--faith and courage,  and a messiah who died for my sins.  For a salvation that is not worked for or earned--simply received. 

To the triumphs, the perceived failures, and the everlasting glory, and mostly--the love.  Cheers, to 2013.  Here's believing 2014 will be even greater.  


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