Cheers! to 2015

I'm typically not one for resolutions, it's something about all those Pinterest "why wait to the New Year for something you can change NOW" kinda quotes that really got to me, you know. Or possibly it's the idea of chugging along on a new path with everyone else + hoping maybe, just maybe, you make it all the way to March with the treadmill. But this upcoming year feels different, or I just decided to think a lot less now-a-days, but I'm excited for what the idea of a "new year" holds. And you gotta admit, nothing feels more like a fresh start than a brand new seventy-five dollar day planner! THIS will keep me organized, right?!?!? So as I head to work to photograph a wedding tonight then rush back right after their late-night fireworks to pop champagne with my hunnie, I will absolutely reflect on the sincere blessings of the year passed and adventures and daydreams of the future. I may even read the notes tucked into my 2014 "thankful" jar...because you know, I put all of TEN post-it's in there all year. Heck! Maybe I'll blog more! (I'll definitely blog more...but the time off just WORKIN' has been great for my noggin'). A toast, to 2015, and that new new. 

Speaking of blogging, I'm pretty sure I've posted this photo before. If I have, just don't say anything, k?

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