Creative Live Spotlight Submission : Gypsy Collective

I saw creativeLIVE was offering the opportunity to host a workshop to anyone. "ANYONE?!?  AN.NEE.1?!?!" For a fleeting moment, I felt as though this was it,  my chance to motivate the world to preserver and a platform to share my experiences that may help encourage others. My train of excited thought was interrupted by "but who am I?!?! I am no big name professional, I don't belong there. Would others even think I am ready?"(eff what other people think--but my mind wasn't there at the time). In a moment of loathing I gave in to the negative words swirling in my head and decided to let it go.  Plus, I didn't have any concretely formed ideas anyway and pushed the thought to the back of my head. But the night before submissions were due, I couldn't sleep.  Ideas began rolling into my mind effortlessly.  I flicked on the side table lamp and began scribbling notes.

"The Gypsy Collective: Take your business anywhere"

I knew with an idea I was so passionate about I now couldn't let this opportunity go, so I grabbed my camera and made a plan.

All throughout shooting I literally would swear that it was as if everything in the universe was trying to stop me from filming.  The jeep nearly ran out of gas.  Beach plans needed to be changed.  Footage recorded with a bit of a jump to it.  The lighting was terrible.  So I tried to improvise and the freakin' lamp fell.  And to top it all off we didn't have a drop of champagne!  And the kicker-- my camera thought for sure I was talking too much and unbeknownst to me shut off just past sunset. I lost half of my daylight footage.

Soon day turned over into night and my submission was a hot mess.

And with tears streaming down my face, declaring this must be silly anyway, Marshall pulled up a chair in my dark office, canceled our evening plans, and assured me that this was important to me.  That it's what I want to do, so I should do it.  And heaven KNOWS I will never run out of content.  Have you ever heard me talk?

In the dark I wiped my tears, turned on photobooth, and opened my heart.  Because truth of the matter is, I know I am not the only one who has had a move threaten their livelihood.  Every day military life presents a potential change I am left scrambling "but what about my business?".  I moved here and had to start over.  Marissa did the same.  Crystal did the same.  Alyssa is about to leave here and do the same.  I realize now that it's not about giving into the fear, but accepting the challenge and growing a stronger, more rounded business because of it.  And I know that if I can help just one of these women who have done so much for me, then my idea will have been worth it.


CL Spotlight from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.

It's not the awesome, creative video I had in mind, but it's me, it's real, and it's from the heart. Is it strange that I already mentally had the set designed a few days ago? ;)

The Gypsy Collective.   Shared business ideas for the roaming photographer.

*Building a strong business foundation that turns "starting over" into starting fresh *Being inspired by your new surroundings *Learning the market in your new area *Tailoring services for local clientele *Designing a website on your own with any budget *Getting out financial hardships alive--and with more than fifty bucks *Developing personal business strategies you can carry anywhere life may lead *Recognizing your own version of success *Making life long friends (that may want to runaway and join your caravan!)