Cool ways to display your photos.

I used to be the girl who didn't print photos.  After my "print epiphany", I've recognized the importance and connection that an actual factual tangible print holds and I'm no longer loosing favorite photos in Facebook albums and now get to walk past them every day in my home.  As I encourage my clients to print their images (seriously ya'll, make it happen!) I figured I would throw some of my favorite ideas out there as to how exactly to display your favorite images.  I myself have incorporated all of these unique, design-y ways of displaying images into our home and couldn't be happier!  Here are some visuals to get your mind reeling because A: I am a visual person and B: my video on this ideas is just,'ll see.  I decided to post it because I think it's humorous, but you'll probably learn more from the blog images. Just sayin'.